On Scottish First Minister’s possible Islamist stance


In re-blogging Gillan’s Scott’s thoughts on the Scottish referendum (here) I referred to the Almighty’s personal promise to Abram, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you”.

This plumb-line standard of Genesis 12:3 means Scotland’s future could well be bleak  because, and I emphasised, the Scottish National Party’s (SNP) leader, ‘Alex Salmond is not only in favour of boycotting Israel but his party also funded a Scottish affiliate to Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood‘, and linked to its source, Labour Party blogger Rob Marchant’s SNP and Gaza: why Salmond is Not a Statesman.

I’d discovered this by ‘googling’ salmond israel and also found that Salmond supports sanctions against Israel, as reported by the BDS (Boycott, Divestment &.Sanctions) movement. Salmond’s support for bellicose Turkey over the Mavi Marmara incident is as plain as a pikestaff.

Then there’s detailed journals on Alex Salmond and the SNP’s Support for Terrorists by anti-BBC researcher, ‘Highland Rebel’, and on noticeable Anti-Israel sentiment and fears of a ‘Yes’ vote by Daphne Anson, as well as her blog SNP-led Scottish council bans Israeli books!

Furthermore, last month Salmond wanted an arms embargo on Israel because of the Gaza war, as reported by The Independent and Huffington Post.

And I missed the denials over whether or not he equated Israel to ISIS on a TV show over the weekend, see Commentary Magazine.

On top of that lot are reports of threats, intimidation and abuse, as well as a possible NHS budgetary deception.

With such notoriety, Alex Salmond appears too undesirable to be in charge of our sister nation beyond the ruins of Hadrian’s Wall. [Was this a prophetic decree?]

UPDATE 19/9: As a result of his failed ‘Yes’ for independence campaign, Alex Salmond has resigned as First Minister of Scotland and as leader of the SNP (BBC news).

Personal background

The above remarks may generate questions over my knowledge of Islam. An outline to this may be gained from my comments appended to God has used Britain to do great things…, which are as follows:

“United we stand – divided we fall”!

Our UK issue reminds a South African pastor of SA’s difficulties changing government. Chinese and Russian triads took advantage of the situation and infiltrated her nation.

Nick wants to know about spiritual elements at work in this. I agree. We need to be alert to the spiritual dimensions and opposition that’s demonstrated its evil prowess globally. And we need to understand the principles involved (eg territorial footholds), none of which is hardly ever taught in ‘Churchianity’.

Whilst our focus has been on ISIS overseas we have a blind spot to home defences and an Islamic flag has been flown officially over Glasgow council offices. Surely that’s an open invitation and ‘welcome’ to undesirable elements? None of us are ignorant of the advances made in the UK since the demand for a muslim parliament in Britain was announced on 6th Jan 1992. [NB: am not anti-muslim, but am also not blind.] This link refers.

So, maybe Scotland should be separate after all?

> Fellow contributor ‘Sarky’, with whom I’ve developed a dialogue through several posts on God and Politics UK, responded as follows.:

Richard, you may not be anti muslim, but there is definately a bit of muslim paranoia creeping in on your post. Hinting that scotland should seperate because of a perceived muslim influence?? Really??
listen,the percentage of muslims in the uk is roughly equivalent to the percentage of practicing christians, at around 4%. I think any real influence by christisns/muslims is greatly exaggerated and is really just a product of the media. It makes me laugh that you fear the goals of muslims, yet they are your goals, a country/population living under the rules/influence of your god.

Thankfully the majority of votes tomorrow will be cast with god/religion left firmly on the back seat.

> In replying I referred to my decades-long background on the subject.:

Sarky, I was being sarcastic about it being a reason for national separation. But thanks for proving my point about general ignorance of spiritual principles.

Your ardent atheism doesn’t equip you with a grid for that dimension. Not surprising you’re uninformed too. So too are many clueless politicians who fool themselves that ISIS/L isn’t Islamic. It simply copies the founder’s life-style and strategies after he was thrown out of Mecca – so it IS the real deal. [Added for blog: ISIS-ISIL difference and ISIS not Islamic?, see also this Investigative Report on Terrorism. Also see the Home Secretary’s incompetent claim about the Quran]

Invisible HandNo, I don’t fear Muslims at all but love them. My quoted date hints how long I’ve been watching/studying this phenomenon. First as a ‘new ager’ 40 years ago, then in ‘84 a perspicacious writer on the Middle-East pointed out,

“We’re about to witness a mighty and almost unbelievable upsurge in Islam. Although we see the first signs of that revival (it) has a long way to go, but it’s going to go that ‘long way‘ very quickly”!  [‘The Invisible Hand’ page198, Victor Dunstan, 1984]

So the outrages of 9/11 and 7/7 were not really surprising. [Link on latter here. Also, I could add the barbaric murders of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich on 22 May 2013 and humanitarian worker David Haines last weekend – plus other internationals]

Also, you and I are far too young to recall Churchill’s prophetic warning of 1899 in his honestly critical ‘The River War’ (vol 2 pp 248-50, per Wikipedia).

Therefore, we do need to be well-informed on what’s going on.

> The discussion continued…

ISIS is islamic in name only, like the uk is a christian country in name only. you cannot judge people on the actions of a few idoits!! Or are we to judge christians on those who gun down doctors at abortion clinics?? Or those far right christians who want to bring about the end of the world so jesus returns?? You have to be so careful with labels, or you run the risk of alienating moderate voices within communities, and you dont have to have supernatural ‘superpowers’ to see that.

> Therefore, I provided more information:

Well I’m glad we can agree about labels! And I accept your point Sarky, and assure you I know only too well about judging. But you’re wrong about the IS as they do have solid  grounds for using the term ‘Islamic’. A ‘few idiots’?  Maybe you’re unaware of what’s gone on outside Syria/Iraq/Nigeria etc etc – that is, in Australia? [Almost 24,000 globally since 9/11, thousands so far in 2014, and click here and here re Australia.]

At long, long last many leading Muslims are voicing their objections about ultra-extremists.  But the fact remains that Islam started off peaceful but became savage during the lifetime of its founder because of his example and purported private instructions from his ‘god’. So they savagely plundered their neighbours, killed those who refused to convert, and after he died they divided, argued and started fighting one another! (Compare with early Christianity – not churchianity, please.) [Oct 5th, a brave Catholic professor writes, ‘Islamic State is not heresy; “model is Muhammad himself”.]

Also, I do know different kinds of Islam are practised, and some like the Ahmadiya and Grand Mufti of Syria preach and practise peace, who was targeted for assassination but his son got killed instead. Read this ex-Muslim [Dr Patrick Sookhdeo] on it and his remarks on ISIS at [link provided: Barnabas Fund editorial ‘The Two Faces of Islam’].  

Also, this non-judgemental expert who warned about 9/11 answers ‘ISIS not Islamic?’  [link provided: Daniel Pipes ‘ISIS Is Not Islamic?’

I study eschatology but only crackpots would do what you suppose. (If meaning GW Bush, his ‘theology’ was unsound.) What you describe is actually part of ‘Twelver’ Shiite doctrine. They’re keen to usher in the end of the world by military means so that ‘Hidden 12th Imam’ can appear and bring Jesus with him! Those are more dangerous than the barbarians.

PS. Missed Dr Sookhdeo’s apocalyptic bit about Sunni ISIS’ ultimate goal. Perhaps this is where Sunni and Shiite may agree with one another, as they do over capturing Jerusalem.

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