If Scotland votes ‘Yes’ all of us will have a part wrenched out that will never be replaced

Christians need to be carefully prayerful on this major issue and get back to first base > are Scottish nationalist leaders personally blessed by God, or the opposite? Whichever is the case it will rub off on our fellow Brits beyond the border. Alex Salmond is not only  in favour of boycotting Israel but his party also funded a Scottish affiliate to Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood, per The Centre Left!  According to Genesis 12:3 that doesn’t bode at all well for Scotland. Just look what happened to the UK in 1967 within 6 months of the Wilson government preventing arms being shipped to Israel for its survival against armies amassed on all borders – Devaluation of the Pound! SO I suggest being very, very wary on this voting and that we stay together as a United Britain.

God and Politics in the UK

Scottish FlagI am Cornish and am proud of this fact. If you ask me whether I see myself as English or British, I would agree to both putting English as that which I identify most strongly. But above both of those I would describe myself as Cornish. I may not live there anymore but each time I return it feels like I am coming home. Driving down narrow winding Cornish roads through villages with distinctive Cornish names is a unique experience in itself. The scenery is beautiful and you are never too far away from the sea. It would seem that everything Cornish has a distinct identity. The cars display the badge of St Piran and all of the best food is grown and produced locally. It is a part of the world like no other.

What is it that makes most of us attach ourselves emotionally so closely to a…

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One thought on “If Scotland votes ‘Yes’ all of us will have a part wrenched out that will never be replaced

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