Billy Graham offers truth and hope to America, and to the world

This message speaks for itself.:

This grand man of God explains why The Cross is so offensive to some, but a ‘hip hop’ celebrity’s testimony and a suicidal woman’s moving story tell how it unexpectedly gave each of them new life.

In embarrassment, I recall being contemptuous of Christians, especially ‘Bible-bashing’ preachers. You cannot begin to imagine my utter astonishment upon hearing this man in ’89 and then finding someone inside me agreeing with him – I was dumbfounded! (As recounted in The last day of my life…)

I can, therefore, definitely recommend this video to you….

For more information, or to respond or ask a question, visit My Hope America.

See also, Billy Graham: “It’s time to take the news (and) Bible and watch…”

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