Christianity’s new season: blog’s new page and today’s headlines

Courtesy Watcharakun at Freedigitalphotos.comAfter updating this blog’s Prophecies & Visions hub with a page summarising recent words about A New Era in the Church, I dipped into a paper I’d bought earlier for Nina to enjoy the crossword.  Lo and behold, buried inside I find  apposite headlines covering comments made by:

Pope Emeritus Benedict: “I quit as Pope because God told me to”.

Archbishop Welby: Church ‘on edge of precipice‘.

The first reports Benedict’s interesting “direct rapport with the Lord”, of which the online version is more informative than the broadsheet. Fascinating how this claim accords with prophecies for a ‘new season’. The second is yet another indicator of the distinct trend that validates a prophetic word reported 20 years ago by Colin Winfield, The Separation of the Harlot and the Bride.

That word is remarkable in accurately foretelling today’s mix of apostasy and true faith, the insidious introduction of worldly norms against the worship and teaching of a holy God. Since finding that prophecy last year, I noted its ‘rationale’ supports the notion of traditional churches falling away and how new churches of those on fire for God and  maturing into anointed Children of God, are coming to the fore.

On the last point, I will somehow try to convey a sense of what we learned from Ian Clayton when he visited Guildford area this week, as at close of this post.

2 thoughts on “Christianity’s new season: blog’s new page and today’s headlines

  1. Richard, this sounds like the vision I posted a short while ago.

    Like the vision states below, I had this vision 4 years ago. I hadn’t really thought about it until my wife began telling me about some of what she would call “low lifes” that ride the bus she rides to work. The Lord has been teaching her and me about judging by appearances. For her, He has taken it to a new level and that is what prompted me to post this vision from 2009. These low lifes as she calls them are loud, obnoxious, some just got out of prison, however, they all seem to have one thing in common. They’re believers and on fire for the Lord. They would be the last ones you would think would be witnessing and telling others what Jesus has done for them but that is exactly what is happening. With that said, here is the vision I had.

    The Lord showed me a vision September 16, 2009 of 2 brides one was the church, very beautifully dressed and one who came from the streets very shabbily dressed. The ,”church” bride looked down upon and made fun of the bride who was from the streets because she did not possess the wealth to be able to adorn herself ,”properly” for the bridegroom . However, when the bridegroom passed by, he paid absolutely no attention to the, “church”, bride but instead welcomed the street bride to be his.

    The “church” bride gains her ability to adorn herself so lavishly from the wealth she accumulated from playing the whore with the world.

    The bride that comes from the streets does not pretend to be something she is not. She fully realizes who she is.

    There is no, “religion” or falsehood in here. While she may be a sinner and what some would consider a low life, she gladly accepts the invitation from the bridegroom

    I think that this might be the start of the revival that revival we’ve been waiting for. The church , like the pharisees before them missed it because of their perception of what it was supposed to look like

    Do you recall this posting?


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