Revival still burns bright in China

RJBThis exceptional account gives a glimpse of what the Christian church was like immediately after Jesus walked the earth. For Randy Clark it must have been like a trip in a time machine. We’ve been blessed to meet this most humble servant of God in Canada and UK several times. His website is (Some miraculous healings he encountered of disappearing surgical metal parts may be seen here on this blog.) Thank you Tembisa.

2 thoughts on “Revival still burns bright in China

  1. Hallo Richard You may be interested to know that Flame is involved in the Back to Jerusalem movement (we work with Brother Yun) and it is definitely on the move. I am interested that Randy Clark’s knowledge of what is happening in China seems to be fairly recent, whereas over here we have known about it for many years; this is maybe because he is over “the pond”? It is easy to assume that everyone knows what we know, but of course this is not the case. It just shows how important it is for information to be dispersed in many directions. Thank you again for keeping us up to date with what is going on world wide. blessings Rosemary



    • Appreciate your remarks Rosemary. I think it’s meant to be his first first-hand account and publication in a magazine. I well remember being in Jill S’ office when she mentioned visiting China and I was surprised to ‘see’ ON her wall-map of that country several tornados moving in certain areas. I understood this to mean Holy Spirit is/will ‘blow’ powerfully there.


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