Weekend catch-up: Israel and UK, and Iran

DSC_8314 credit-The CommentatorReaders and visitors will have noted  I often quote the Daily Telegraph. I like a number of its columnists but please don’t assume this reflects my politico-religious view. For example , I’ve noticed lately some reports on Israel don’t reflect what I’m learning from those who have their ear close to the ground, or those who are well informed. The paper’s chief political editor, Peter Oborne, usually writes well but has his critics, one of whom took him to task for his recent criticism of David Cameron’s ‘cowardice’ over Israel.

I came across that criticism on one of my dips into The Commentator and spotted an article entitled Conservative cowardice on Israel?  Historian Carly Beckerman-Boys  raises this question because,

Peter Oborne’s recent comments on the Conservative Party and Israel are overshadowed by his fundamental misunderstanding of British politics and the history of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

In view of my interest this looked a promising read but I dug first into the original article, The cowardice at the heart of our relationship with Israel. I was thus in a better place to follow the historian’s argument.  So, if this topic stirs you why not take a few minutes to read Peter Oborne and then click here for an interesting counter-thrust.

Had I come across Peter’s article in my occasional copy of the paper I would have had some reservations, so I’m pleased to have discovered Carly’s well-balanced answer to his perception of the issue.  Another critic and contributor to CIFWatch, Richard Millet, is not so gentle in his solid response! (For Richard’s background click here.)

Iran – the game is over

Forget POTUS Obama’s intentions to discuss nuclear energy and weapons with Iranian leaders – talks are dead in the water! That game is now over according to DEBKAfile because Iran now has enough plutonium for 24 Nagasaki-type bombs!  This Special Report opens.:

The secret, one-on-one nuclear negotiations President Barack Obama launched with Iran have run into a blank wall. A senior Iranian team member, Mostafa Dolatyar,  said Friday, Dec. 14 in New Delhi that the diplomatic process for solving the nuclear issue with Iran was in effect going nowhere, because the demand that Tehran halt its 20-percent enrichment of uranium “doesn’t make sense.”

Debka reports that Dolatyar’s remarks would have been authorised by ‘Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who, through him, posted a message to Washington: If the enrichment suspension demand stands, the game’s over’. The report continues.:

‘After more than 15 years of on-and-off, largely aimless, nuclear diplomacy with world powers and evasive tactics with the UN nuclear agency, Tehran is for the first time showing signs of impatience and not just its usual disdain. This is because two things have changed:

‘1. For all those years, Tehran availed itself of every diplomatic opening for protracted bargaining about its nuclear program for the sake of buying time, free of pressure, to push that program forward. Now, the Iranians are telling the US and Europe that they have arrived at their destination. For them, time is no longer of essence, as it may be for the West.

‘2.  The second development was revealed on Dec. 5 by The Wall Street Journal in a short leader captioned “From Bushehr to the Bomb”. This revelation was not picked up by any other Western – or even Israeli – publication despite its sensational nature…’  (Click to read before report is filed to premium content archive. More background here.)

So, as mentioned throughout this year the Middle-East pot continues on the boil. But at least it’s not boiling over – yet!

Furthermore, the Iranians stated that installing an American Patriot missile defence on the Turkish-Syrian border is “meant to cause a world war”.  With a massive US, British, French and Russian naval presence in the Persian Gulf, Red Sea and Mediterranean,  Obama has tried to defuse the situation and ‘quietly recalled’ two naval strike groups home from Syrian waters. (Debka Exclusive Report.) And this is without considering the several stockpiles of chemical weapons of mass destruction, or lunacy that continues to break out in the Middle-East.

PROPHETICALLY, NONE OF THESE TROUBLES ARE A SURPRISE. I’m intrigued to muse whether Barack Obama has yet started to take his accredited White Ho journalist Bill Koenig’s wisdom seriously. (First-time visitors click for information about Bill and here for previous posts referring to his work.)

ALSO, we know of an anointed man of God blessed with an evangelistic and healing miracles ministry who heard God say He’s setting the stage for fulfillment of Biblical prophecy > AND we have confirmation from economic cyclical theory > ALL in addition to the fullness of what the Lord Himself said whilst here, and through His holy prophets.

What awesome and exciting days we live in…..

4 thoughts on “Weekend catch-up: Israel and UK, and Iran

  1. In any event, we need to continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I can only imagine the hatred that exists among the Arab nations for it. Although one thing that you mentioned about underground churches in Iran brings to mind a dream I had a while ago.

    The Lord has heard Hagar’s Crys for her Children and Seen her Tears

    I had a dream 12/23/2010. In the dream I saw a desert and in the desert I saw a woman who had covered herself with a blanket to protecting herself from the sun’s heat. I also saw a bush and I could make out a person in the bush but I could not see who it was. I heard a voice in the dream describing for me as in a narrative what I was seeing. The next thing I saw was an angel of the Lord appear and then I saw the woman, who turned out to be Hagar, uncover her head because she perceived that she wasn’t alone. The angel spoke kindly to her and then pointed with his hand to a place in the desert and I then saw a gusher of water come out of the desert sand. Remember, Hagar thought that she and her child were going to die. The next part of the dream I was thinking about the Tucson Refugee Ministry and that they are ministering to a great many of Hagar’s children who have come to Tucson, a desert, seeking refuge.

    Remember Hagar and her son were cast away because Ishmael was not to be a co-inheritor of the promise with Isaac.However, Peter says in
    Acts, “For the promise is to you and to your children, and to all
    those afar off, as many as the Lord our God shall call”.
    (Act 2:39 MKJV)

    Also, the water in my dream is symbolic of the Holy Spirit, and I believe that a revival is coming to the children of Hagar who dwell in desert places


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