Has the women bishops vote triggered a bigger crisis in the CoE?

Gillan Scott could have written this helpful post especially for those who, like myself, wish to be aware of developments within the CoE but who haven’t been able to do so. He is to be commended for having dug into reviews and and published an informative overview. More importantly, in answering his own question Gillan’s sound logic gives due regard to the perilous impact of likely legislative issues and, more appropriately, he closes to suggest major changes may be on the way – which wouldn’t be surprising in view of several prophecies for this year and the near future! [Details > CooperMorris, Meyer, Stone in JanNov.] So I agree – Church of England: “Wake up and watch out!”

God and Politics in the UK

I have completely lost count of the number of press and blog articles I’ve read on the women bishops vote since last Tuesday.  It feels as if every angle and view has been thoroughly picked apart repeatedly and analysed to death now and yet they still keep coming.  And now I’m going to lob in my own views in just to add to it all.

I’ve read some very thoughtful opinion pieces that have attempted to find a positive way forward and explain things without sensationalising the facts.  On the other hand I’ve read some very biased and confrontational articles that have just stirred up animosity towards those with certain views.  Articles describing the outcome as ‘suicide‘ for the Church of England and describing it as a national embarrassment haven’t been particularly helpful as well as being inaccurate.

The Church of England has faced plenty of struggles over the centuries.  During the…

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