How we respond to havoc caused by one stupid film

Another well argued and presented viewpoint from Gillan Scott, with several comments including those of yours truly.

PS: Read about the Egyptian TV presenter who engineered the rage, who “prides himself on baiting liberals, Christians and Jews” (Telegraph).

UPDATE 27/9: Former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Walid Shoebat, claims on his blog that the offensive video trailer was, in all likelihood, produced as a terrorist scam. This renowned peace activist arrives at that conclusion after examining the contradictions and falsehoods within the media accounts, plus his own previous investigations into the characters and his family connections and direct knowledge of the Middle-East. Citing 7 facts, he shows the media story is faulty and inconclusive!

God and Politics in the UK

Let’s be honest for a moment.  When you first heard about the protests and riots in Muslim countries in response to the Innocence of Muslims film were your initial thoughts along these lines?

“These Muslims are reacting in a considered and appropriate way to a film that has won universal support and approval from leaders all around the western world.”

No, me neither. Obviously.

It was instead for me one of those “Oh no, here we go again” sinking feelings.

Let’s be clear about this film, having seen the trailer it can only be described as shocking; shockingly poor production and acting and shockingly poisonous in its motives to offend.  And as we know it did indeed offend.

I’m not an expert on Islam, but I’ve friends who’ve worked in Pakistan and hearing them speak you get a sense of just how incendiary it can be in many Muslim dominated…

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