Yes, Prime Minister – ‘do’ God!

No doubt you read or heard about David Cameron’s address at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford last Friday at the closing celebrations of the 400th anniversary of the King James Authorised Bible? 

His speech is recommended reading for all Christians for the PM strongly eulogised our faith and its scriptures and the profound effect of both upon our nation, as well as insisted upon their being central to our political life.

I’m of the firm opinion it will be recognised as a landmark in our history, if not a pivotal point when taken in conjunction with his recent stand against the EU. 

Also, I want to make a very different emphasis to others’ reports, one from the little appreciated prophetical viewpoint: 

The content, tone and repetition of David Cameron’s words were delivered with all the full authority of Prime Minister. Consequently, they constitute solid and true declarations spoken by the political head of the nation into the spiritual atmosphere of this land, and to which every believer can stand in the power of agreement in the name that is above every other name, that of Jesus Christ.

I invite those familiar with prophetical principles to weigh and add to the preceding thesis.

There are many very encouraging points in David Cameron’s speech, yet one sticks out as rather inaccurate – “We are a Christian country”.   Now, that is hard to believe! Or, is it?  [Think again!]

Nonetheless, on the whole the speech really is fighting talk – it shows backbone. It’s what the nation’s institutional spiritual leaders should have been actively engaged in. His concluding remarks clearly imply our Prime Minister thinks so too. 

For example, his following lines alone are reminiscent of the climax to the vision of the UK that stunned me in 2004, as evidenced by the number of times Mr Cameron repeats ‘stand’:

“But what I am saying is that the Bible has helped to give Britain a set of values and morals which make Britain what it is today.

Values and morals we should actively stand up and defend. 

The alternative of moral neutrality should not be an option.
You can’t fight something with nothing.  Because if we don’t stand for something, we can’t stand against anything…”

“…they are Christian values. And we should not be afraid to acknowledge that.  But they are also values that speak to us all – to people of every faith and none.
And I believe we should all stand up and defend them. Those who oppose this usually make the case for secular neutrality.
They argue that by saying we are a Christian country and standing up for Christian values we are somehow doing down other faiths.
And that the only way not to offend people is not to pass judgement on their behaviour.   I think these arguments are profoundly wrong.
And being clear on this is absolutely fundamental to who we are as a people……what we stand for……and the kind of society we want to build…” (emphasis mine)

For a couple of helpful brief commentaries see Peter Kirk and Will Cookson

For the full text, replete with his own emboldened emphases, see His Grace Cranmer’s posting dated 16 December.

For an insight into my personal interest in the origins of the King James Bible, click here (first paras).


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