Dutch Sheets’ Flashpoint interview transcribed — Esther’s Petition

Bette Cox, who writes at Esther’s Petition, comments as follows on my previous post:

“Richard, thanks so much for posting this. I am a professional transcriptionist (now retired), and I transcribed this interview straight from the video. I thought you might like to have a clean, accurate transcription of it, instead of the auto-transcribed one (which contained a few errors along the way) so I’m attaching it as a text file. Share with others if you like.

I had watched the Flashpoint interview with Dutch myself when it was first broadcast. It was indeed powerful.”

For a much easier to read transcript click > Dutch Sheets, interview transcribed — Esther’s Petition


A very good test for whether something really is of the Lord is when it attracts a ‘flak attack’. In keeping a men’s Bible study group informed of events at Asbury I posted this video with a note of its preceding the outpouring by a fortnight  and referred to its receipt 22 years ago, thereby being a true prophecy.

However, someone of Cessationist stance took exception by accusing Dutch of being connected with Peter Wagner’s new apostolic reformation and connected with Toronto.

SO I simply referred to my no longer being a 24/7 carer of my dear wife Nina when  she was permanently wheelchair-bound because John Arnott listened to the Lord, as told below:

From ‘Disabled’ to Enabled – Jesus heals Nina’s spine

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