Events at Asbury fulfill Dutch Sheets’ 22 years-old open vision of widespread revival of fiery love!

22 years less 7 month ago – SO here we go again with my number – intercessor Dutch Sheets had an eyes wide-open vision of hand-writing on a far wall like an invisible hand creating a neon light referring to Acts 3:19 – as though watching a movie!!

A fortnight before the continual spiritual outpouring began in a chapel in Asbury college, Dutch recounts having been forcibly interrupted during an address he was giving to a large gathering days after the 9/11 twin towers catastrophe. He watched an open vision about widespread revival coming to the younger generations, as told in this account of 24th January and the many details of which are now coming to pass:


“Let’s go back Dutch
to September 11th that week 2001. what
Well I was scheduled to do it speak at a
conference in Boise Idaho and as most of
the people watching us will remember
everything shut down and the nation was
in shock just fear dread it was a it was
just a surreal time and throughout the
week we didn’t know really what was
happening the airlines shut down so I
could not get to the conference that I
was supposed to speak at until Friday
you know the 9 11 was a Monday I didn’t
know if it would take even take place
but it did and it’s one of the times the
only times in my life I’ve ever been
scheduled to do something as far as
speaking and dreaded it I didn’t want to
go I thought I have no answers I don’t
know what to say no one knows what to
say right now and I did not have a word
from the Lord but I went in obedience
and and honoring my commitment
and when I got up to speak that night I
I don’t know what I was saying I don’t
remember what I was saying I don’t think
it was all that significant or important
but I had an experience that I’ve only
had twice in my life this was what I
would call an open Vision while I was
speaking with my eyes wide open I began
to see not what was natural but I began
to see things in the spirit and what
took me back so much was that it was
with my eyes wide open I saw as
though it were an invisible hand this
was a large room 1500 people perhaps I
saw it was like a hand begin to write on
the back wall the far back wall of the
auditorium and uh it was it looked like
a neon light as it was writing and it
wrote Acts 3 19. I mentioned it a while
ago I knew what the verse said I was
obviously distracted by this I didn’t
stop and tell him what I was seeing yet
uh but I was having trouble speaking
because this was so distracting and I
knew it was God
I knew what the verse said but I didn’t
know what to do with it so in my mind I
I just sort of told the Lord or said to
myself as soon as I finished this point
I’m going to Acts 3 19. he obviously
wants to say something from this passage
when I had the thought I will finish
this point that I’m sharing now the sign
began to flash
on and off on and off on and off
blinking and I knew God was saying I
don’t want you to finish your point I
want you to go there now it’s really
encouraging when you’re up speaking and
you realize God’s not interested in what
you’re saying obviously he had something
else he wanted to say and I went to the
verse and told him what it said it’s
after the lame man had been healed crowd
gathered Peter began to preach this is
shortly after Pentecost he sees us the
moment and he says if you will repent
and turn to him times of refreshing will
come from the presence of the Lord
times is Kairos upper tune strategic
times not just general time very
significant very strategic Peter was
saying this is a special moment this is
a very strategic time refreshing is a
weak translation it’s okay but the word
is Anna success and suko means to blow
or breathe that’s the root word
Anna gives it repetition and intensity
so a really good Amplified definition of
this word is the blowing of the Breath
Again intensely Peter said it’s a
strategic time what happened to us in
that Upper Room on the day of Pentecost
that’s he’s not finished there’s a wind
for you too and if you respond right now
as you should that wind will blow again
intensely and as I shared this word just
the spirit of God filled this room and
and and and and and the presence was so
strong and suddenly I saw not just the
sign flashing on the back wall
I began to see
like a movie it was like the entire back
wall of the church became a movie
screams like I was in a movie theater
and I told the people I said I’m having
a vision
and I started narrating what I was
seeing I expected this to last for a
minute or two but it lasted for probably
30 minutes maybe 40 minutes
and I just this was obviously
Supernatural and different I’ve never
had anything else like this
I just begin to narrate what I was
seeing for this 40-45 minutes you could
hear a pin drop in the room people were
just captivated their eyes closed
listening and I was relating what I was
seeing and what he showed me was what
this revival would look like this
blowing of the Breath Again intensely I
saw the fire of God Coming to America it
wasn’t the fire of judgment it was the
fire of Revival
but what he highlighted and showed me
specifically was this fire coming to the
Youth of our nation the young people
campuses college campuses high school
campuses the fires of Revival began to
burn and he literally showed me uh
campuses where this was happening and I
said I see it on such and such and I
named the university and I would talk
about what I was seeing and then I said
I see it on this campus and I talked
about what I was seeing and then I
realized this is going to the nation I
don’t want to keep mentioning one or two
and people think it’s only that one
because what I saw was this was
springing up
everywhere and what what I saw was
unlike anything I’d ever seen this
I described it at one point in this
Vision as a violent love it was it was
coming with such intensity God said I am
coming to save this generation and
nothing is going to stop me it was so
much passion from God so much intensity
that I turned to the speakers and I
turned to those in the room at one point
and I said nothing is going to stop this
nothing can stop it and so as this broke
out obviously signs and wonders began to
take place
and the students would gather into rooms
and they would begin to talk about what
happened and it grew in its intensity
and the next thing that was happening
was these these the size of the of the
groups Gathering uh grew and there were
thousands of kids young people all
across America Gathering talking about
Jesus completely Grassroots completely
spontaneous led by no person controlled
by no person planned by no person God
just began to hover over these
universities there would be a room of a
thousand of these young people in an
auditorium and God would start moving
there was no one in charge there was no
one up preaching
someone would begin to scream in the
back that they were healed of this
disease or that disease or their eyes
were healed and over here someone else
would do it and someone else would do it
over here and kids would begin to get
saved they would just they they didn’t
know much they would just start crying
out to Jesus and Jesus was saving them I
saw this moving across the country I saw
people trying to stop it some of the
administrators in uni in the
universities I saw Gatherings of leaders
uh those in charge saying we have to get
these kids to go back to class because
they didn’t want to go to class sporting
events were canceled classes were
canceled not because the the sport
events are bad but because they didn’t
want to do anything else this was so
powerful they wanted to get together and
talk about what was happening and as as
the administrators would walk into these
auditoriums to try and stop them power
of God would be so strong they would
just fall under the power of God and
they couldn’t do anything they couldn’t
stop it and so this just began to take
place I saw Mass deliverances I’ve never
seen anything like this yet it it rocked
my theology because no no one was
speaking they were just singing maybe a
chorus or a song that they knew they
didn’t know a lot Amazing Grace perhaps
and the spirit of God would begin to
hover in the room and students would
begin to be delivered from addictions
bondages demonic strongholds in their
life no one touching them no one’s
saying this is about to happen it was
like when Jesus would go into the
synagogue and the demons could not stand
his presence and they would begin to
scream and shout leave us alone leave us
alone well the presence of God came into
these rooms with such intensity that the
demons simply could not stay
I saw these kids being interviewed they
were asked what is happening what
explain this to us they had no answer
they stopped doing drugs they stopped
some of the the perverted or sinful
Lifestyles that they were involved in I
saw them being interviewed saying why
did you stop this why aren’t you doing
these things anymore and the student
simply said
I don’t know I just don’t want to do it
I love Jesus I want to please him
something in me tells me it’s wrong I
don’t want to do this it became a
Holiness movement but it was not like
the any Holiness movement we’ve ever
seen in a Revival no one was preaching
it to them no one was telling them how
to live
their hearts were simply changing and
they wanted to please him I saw this go
across the nation it was intense it was
powerful it was Unstoppable and the the
other thing I saw was it was so raw
these kids that you know it’s not like
they changed the way they looked dressed
acted they they didn’t look like they
were going to church they didn’t they
didn’t change their attire they just
showed up as they were and God began to
move and then they wanted more of him
and what I saw also was they really
didn’t want religion they really didn’t
want our forms they didn’t want somebody
to to preach at them they wanted to know
about Jesus they wanted a relationship
with him but they didn’t want religious
form they wanted something different and
and they came with their problems they
came with their past they came with with
their uh
they came with mates and people that
they they shouldn’t have been with and
but they wanted this Jesus
and I found myself looking at all of
this thinking
because of the sheer volume because this
thousands tens of thousands of young
people were being saved around the
nation I found myself thinking
what do we do with this how do we how do
we Steward this it was coming so quickly
how do we teach them they want to know
God but they don’t want our religion and
and they’ve been taught that they can do
this they can do that how do we teach
them without uh
trying to put them in a form and a mold
that they know nothing about and don’t
want how do we teach them relationship
without religion
and I finally as I was watching this 20
30 minutes into it just relating what I
was seeing I turned to the leaders on
the platform and I was so serious when I
said this I said
this is going to be
incredibly difficult to steward
it will be like the book of Acts they
just had to learn on the fly it would be
like Joshua who was told you’ve never
been this way before the only way you
can do this is to follow the cloud
follow me follow the ark because
you’ve not been this way before
and what we’re about to experience we
don’t have a formula for we don’t have a
pattern for thousands upon thousands
tens of thousands I believe eventually
hundreds of thousands and millions of
young people in America are coming to
Jesus we have we’re going to need to be
to to
to to take them into his presence and
allow Holy Spirit to shape them allow
Holy Spirit to teach them to show them
what who what he wants who he is and so
just to summarize it I saw incredible
incredible fire the fire of Revival
incredible signs and wonders
incredible passion love for God worship
spontaneous outbreakings of Holy Spirit
until the entire nation was on fire with
the with the fires of Revival
well Dutch um
those of us that are old enough to have
lived through the Jesus movement it’s
it’s like you’re describing that again
except at all at a different level a
higher level

4 thoughts on “Events at Asbury fulfill Dutch Sheets’ 22 years-old open vision of widespread revival of fiery love!

  1. Richard, thanks so much for posting this. I am a professional transcriptionist (now retired), and I transcribed this interview straight from the video. I thought you might like to have a clean, accurate transcription of it, instead of the auto-transcribed one (which contained a few errors along the way) so I’m attaching it as a text file. Share with others if you like.

    I had watched the Flashpoint interview with Dutch myself when it was first broadcast. It was indeed powerful.

    This morning I went and watched the Jesus Revolution movie. It was also powerful, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit was evident from beginning to end. I highly recommend it.

    Blessings from Florence, SC, USA

    Bette Cox

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