Three prophetic words for UK on waves and God having His way

During the School For Prophecy Solent group gathering on 21st January at Winchester Vineyard church, Mark Iles mentioned that last July 2020 he had a vision of a very large incoming wave.

Now that reminded me of having seen a wave of spiritual, living water approaching and coming into a local parish church in that very same month!

Seated close by the main door in a meeting of a prophecy group, I was astonished at watching, eyes wide open, this spiritual, living water swamp the doors and then sweep through the building’s circular nave.

As it rolled through at chest height I just couldn’t remain silent. It burst through the back doors into the local housing estate and I sensed neighbours would be alarmed. So, it would be helpful for them to be given the good news of the Gospel and come into their salvation.

During a previous meeting there were many prophetic impressions received. My dear Nina was visibly touched by Holy Spirit upon  hearing and shaking as she conveyed,

“I’m having MY way regardless!”

AMEN, let it be so dear Lord.


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