4 thoughts on “Bridge o’r the Pond – Revival coming over to the UK

  1. Richard do you remember these from 2015-2019?
    England Ablaze

    I saw a vision of the country of England as I was driving today 08/16/2015. What I saw was a topographical map of England. In what looked like the uppermost right hand corner of the county I saw a small fire begin. What came to mind here is what the Lord told me a while ago which was don’t despise small beginnings. I saw a mouth blow on the small flame and the flame grew to a fire and the fire eventually engulfed the whole of England.

    Along with this vision I saw a country (ies) in the same way I saw England which was a topographical map. I saw deep cracks which I saw as division in the Land and got the sense that healing will be forthcoming as well of these lands. The lands were related to England.

    This morning, 08/17/2015, am adding to the vision I saw yesterday. In today’s vision I saw many many row boats, note that I said row boats and not ocean liners, leaving the shores of England for other parts of the world. Each of the boats had a small crew and I only saw one person rowing.


    England Ablaze, Another Vision

    As I was reading Richard Barker’s Posting this morning, regarding an unprecedented wave of God’s glory and fire coming to England, I saw the following vision. In the vision I saw that it was night and I could see the waters of the ocean and barely make out the rest of Europe. Again , remember that it was night as this is significant. I then saw England glowing with a bright light in the midst of a dark sea and a dark night. I then saw people flocking to England and taking pieces of the light with them and leaving. What I am interpreting this as is that people will be attracted to the and, once there, will be transformed by the light, i.e., God’s glory, and take the light that they received with them.


    England Ablaze, A Second dream

    I start this post by posting a vision I had received 2 + years ago concerning England
    The morning of, 08/17/2015, I had the following vision. I saw many many row boats, note that I said row boats and not ocean liners, leaving the shores of England for other parts of the world. Each of the boats had a small crew and I only saw one person rowing. This is part of a larger post entitled, ” England Ablaze”. I post this excerpt as it relates to a dream I had this morning.

    This morning I had a dream where I did not see the country because it was dark but knew that it was England that i was seeing. In the vision above rowboats were leaving the shores of England. In the dream I had this morning I saw lit oil lamps leaving England. I do get the sense that England will play a large roll in this revival. It is noteworthy that although the country was dark in my dream there was a steady stream of lit oil lamps leaving. So there must be a supply of oil to fill the lamps, i.e., the Holy Spirit along with much prayer and fasting. And the fire of God falling to set the lamps ablaze.


    England Ablaze, A 3rd Posting

    Ive seen this for the past couple of days so i am going to post this vision concerning England which will be the 3rd posting. In the previous post I talk about those with oil lamps leaving England. In the vision I’ve had for the past few days I’ve seen one very large oil lamps similar to the ones I saw in the previous posting. The lamp I’ve seen is above the oil lamps mentioned in the second posting and it is pouring out fire. It would seem that the outpouring of fire resulted in the smaller lamps leaving carrying the fire abroad with them fulfilling Jesus’ command of go and tell. On the day of Pentecost after the fire had fallen on those in the upper room they immediately began to evangelize and magnify the Lord and the fire spread to 3,000 that day.


    England Ablaze, Another Vision

    As I was praying this morning I saw the vision.

    Imagine, if you will, the Olympic runner who runs with the torch and at the end of his/her run lights the flame for the beginning of the games.

    With that said I saw England and it was dark. Then I saw what seemed to be Olympic runners seemingly descending from the sky each holding a torch. Again remember the ultimate purpose of the runner was to light the fire signaling the beginning of the Olympic games. However, in the Olympics only one lights a fire. In the vision, as I stated above, was dark but there were cauldrons, many of them. Each individual carrying a torch would use that torch to light the cauldron and that part of England would be lit. This was repeated by the other runners until all of England was ablaze



  2. I’m rather ashamed to say this prophecy is absolutely spot-on for me. We have been having a weekly revival prayer meeting at my church, and when I say “we” I mean basically me, my other half and the Rector and his wife. The Rector retired in 2021 I think it was, and the new one just hasn’t shown any interest in joining us. Somehow it’s just been a psychological (or whatever) challenge to keep it going when no-one else in the church seems interested, and I have just let it lapse in the last six months or so, basically through weariness and something like hopelessness. This prophecy (as well as the goings-on in Asbury) has kind of given me the kick I need to get it going again, somehow or other.

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