My number again – Dutch Sheets, “Two twenty two; Keys to open and close!”

Whilst prepping a reprise of my mini-series on End-times Briefing I was getting nudged about the numerals of today’s date: UK sequence 22.2.23 – US sequence 2.22.23.

Then after blogging I checked emails and find this from Roger J in South Africa:

“Richard, the whole of this post is for you buddy. Sample text in italics, link below. Go gitt’em!

“In 2000, while preparing for a cross-country flight, I happened to notice that my departure time was 2:22. I was then seated in row 22, and the total flight time was 2 hours and 22 minutes. My first thought was what a strange coincidence! Then I remembered that the Lord had been speaking to me regarding Isaiah 22:22. “I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder, when he opens, no one will shut, when he shuts, no one will open.” I knew that in Scripture, keys symbolized authority, and that shoulders symbolize government (see Isaiah 9:6). Would God do something like this to bring me a confirmation? I wondered.

A couple of days later, I received a phone call from a friend. While in prayer, he felt prompted to call and give me Isaiah 22:22. He said, “Dutch, God is giving you a higher level of authority to pray for our government.”


SO > “Roger, Roger – over and out!”

4 thoughts on “My number again – Dutch Sheets, “Two twenty two; Keys to open and close!”

  1. Praise God! God’s perfect timing! Earlier today I was thinking that the Lord opens a door, no can shut; the Lord closes a door, no one can open. Thank you, Holy Ghost!

    Also, earlier today, the Lord showed me “President”. Probably something to do with government.

    (I am writing this on 22 February 2023 – 10:25 PM – Idaho – Rocky Mountain Time)

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  2. Richard: About “President”. I read that message by Smith Wigglesworth where he was on that passenger ship and he met that guy who wanted to buy some feathers. Wigglesworth had no need for the feathers, but he bought the feathers because that was what the Lord wanted. The feathers led to a conversation with that guy and Wigglesworth–and the guy got saved! Looks like Wigglesworth was being led by the Holy Ghost.

    For the past many months, I have always gone to the grocery store early on Sunday mornings because there are very few people at the grocery store at that hour. Yesterday (a Wednesday – 22 February), the Lord really impressed upon me to go to the grocery store after the noon session (I work at a restaurant). I didn’t want to; I could have gone on Thursday or Friday, but I knew I was supposed to go THAT day. I went to the grocery store and saw this package with “President” written on it (maybe it was a package of cheese). When I saw “President”, it bore witness with my spirit. Maybe that was the last package of cheese on the shelf and maybe later that day someone would have bought it and I wouldn’t have seen it if I had gone to the grocery store on a later day.

    Earlier that day, the Lord also showed me when the Lord opens a door, no one can shut; when the Lord closes a door, no one can open.

    Also, earlier that day, my boss said that I always use the word “Providential”. He and his girlfriend were in Idaho Falls and he was planning on buying a piece of property there, but it didn’t feel right, so he didn’t buy it. I told him that was probably a good decision and that it was Providential. When you run into a brick wall, you go in some other direction; if something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

    Later that evening, I saw the video by Dutch Sheets when he said that prayer at the White House in Washington, DC. Everything Dutch Sheets said resonated with my spirit. God’s perfect timing (I saw the video on 22 February).

    Today, I was looking at my YouTube feed and I noticed this video on Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes was the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs football team that recently won the Super Bowl. The video was on why Mahomes wasn’t recruited heavily out of WHITEHOUSE High School. WHITEHOUSE High School is in WHITEHOUSE, Texas. I believe that Mahomes is also a Christian.

    Confirmation, confirmation, Holy Ghost confirmation.

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