Confirmatory prophetic word on exposure of evil – Paul Rouke

I’m grateful to Paul Rouke for permission to publish his response to Chris G Bennett’s Facebook postings on Tuesday about the Outpouring in America in bringing a fulsome word confirming my musings of 2016 about the Lord exposing political corruption in the UK , USA & EU:

“Absolutely glorious, absolutely profound, ALL glory praise and honour to God for everything He is doing across the earth.The message the Lord gave only today beautifully aligns with what you’ve experienced brother.

The Gross Darkness That Has Covered The Earth For Hundreds Of Years Is Being Exposed, says The Lord

February 14th 2023

“My beloved child, I have planned and ordained for you to receive my message here, for I am giving you wisdom and understanding of what is taking place across the earth.

Many, many, many people, both my followers and those who I have awakened to some truth since early 2020, many people have said the world is getting darker.

My beloved child, FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS A GROSS DARKNESS HAD COVERED THE EARTH, and before the year 2020 the darkness had been getting darker and darker, but most of the world darkness was hidden. It was not in plain sight…”  [Click here to read this word in full].

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