Update on the Beginnings of Sorrows for Nations (PPU #29)- Veronika West

Published on His Kingdom Prophecy 18th September 2022:  NB: ROME


“It’s only just The Beginnings of Sorrows for Nations who have remained stiff-necked and who have rebelled against My Word!”

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit the sparsely populated southeastern part of Taiwan on Sunday, the island’s weather bureau said, derailing train carriages and causing a convenience store to collapse. The weather bureau said the epicenter was in Taitung county and followed a 6.4 magnitude temblor on Saturday evening in the same area, which caused no casualties. The U.S. Geological Survey measured the quake at a magnitude 7.2 and at a depth of 10 km.”

When I saw this headline, it was a poignant confirmation of the recent Word I shared.

As I began to pray, I heard The Spirit say,  ”It’s only just The Beginnings of Sorrows for Nations who have remained stiff-necked and who have rebelled against My Word!

For when The Gavel of My Justice falls, The Nations of the earth will bow their knees.

I say, look and look again, for nations are now moving through The Narrow Way.

Two Altars will rise in the midst of The Valley of Decision.  Watch The Whirlwind of My Sword and My Sickle move to scatter abroad and gather up a great Harvest.

Watch and Pray!  I say again, call The Watchmen to The Walls and The Guardians of The Gateways of the cities to take their place!

See!  For The Nations shall yet be shaken in a greater way in the days ahead, and for those who think they are infallible and untouchable, shall suddenly fall and never recover!

I say, look to what will take place in Rome [Italy] in the days ahead!

Yes Rome!  For the head of the serpent spirit shall be cut off, and all its demonic tentacles shall be fully exposed for the eyes of the world to see.

For when My Stone of Retribution flies, giants will fall, and when My Sword of Justice falls, heads will roll, for great will be their fall, in the fall that is to come!”

See September 16, 2020 HKP Word: “Warning — Nations Are Now in the Midst of Birthing

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

NB (RB): – I’m NOT of the opinion the action regarding the serpent spirit applies to the news of Saturday 31st December but to other activities, on which I will blog shortly.  The deceased Pontiff is now in the best, protected place with the Lord before severance of the serpent and clear-out commences!

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