Song of Triumph and a Carmel Moment – Chris G Bennett

You may recall noticing this at the close of the first part of last week’s posting about  my Christmas Day dream. Now the full account of what Chris was receiving, as published on His Kingdom prophecy on 27th December. II note the reference to a drum-beat for there are occasions when I hear that marching rhythm behind a worship band:


There’s a holy buzzing in my spirit this morning.  Its almost a vibration going right through my belly. Something is about to break through the restraints that bind us.  As I contemplate this, I heard the phrase, “I hear The Song of Triumph” and, at the same time, I hear a heavenly choir singing a marching song to the beat of a single drum.

As ever, I turn to The LORD for an explanation, and He doesn’t let me down.

“In biblical times, when My People Israel went into battle, they were led by the priests and worshippers singing praises to God.

What you’re hearing now is The Triumphant Choir of The Army of Heaven, leading My Warrior Armies into the coming war!

Habakkuk 1:5-6 says, “Look among the nations and watch — be utterly astounded!  For I will work a work in your days which you would not believe, though it were told you.  For indeed I AM raising up the Chaldeans, a bitter and hasty Nation Which marches through the breadth of the earth, to possess dwelling places that are not theirs.”

You have seen these verses for yourself, and through two other prophets whom I trust.  This is the third confirming word!

There is coming a mighty shift and move that very few expect, other than My prophets.

This strike against My enemies and your enemies will be as unexpected as any you’ve ever experienced, and it will catch the enemy at the precise moment he believes victory to be in his grasp.

But I will snatch victory from his hand and it shall be a devastating blow to his plans and a vindication of My People who have stood on My Word and who remain standing!

The enemy shall be destroyed from within his circle of ‘friends and allies’, and he shall self-destruct on his own words and actions!” says The LORD.

“The song of triumph shall ring out from My Heavenly Choirs so loud that even the most serious doubters shall hear it and they will say, ‘This must be The LORD — He is God!’

This is a latter-day Carmel moment!”

This is one of those historic moments that those present will always speak of in terms of, ‘I was there when ………’

I believe it will come in these next 3-4 months, early 2023, and it will be the catalyst of change in answer to the prayers of the faithful remnant who have stood and remained standing throughout these past years.

Exactly when — I don’t know.

Exactly who — I don’t know.

Such things are known only by the Father and His Word never fails!

All Glory to God

Chris G. Bennett



Upon scanning this last week I comment on Chris’ Facebook, “YES AMEN – a real, new Carmel plus reiterating my writing on Habakkuk last week >…/precedence-of-prophecy…/ – and now upon prepping to publish I write,
“MOST INTERESTING DOUBLE CONFIRMATION HERE. Altho’ saw this few days ago I didn’t get time to dwell but now am back at desk have also seen fascinating references to Catholic Carmelites and Pope Benedict – and our dear sister Veronika brought a word on new Carmel prophets 3 years ago next month – and I spent November dealing with defamation from someone trying to convene a group under that nomenclature!!”

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