The cry of eagles heard in UK on Christmas Day – Chris G Bennett

You may recall my reporting a dream that awoke me with excitement in the early hours of Christmas morning. Here’s what happened to Chris Bennett in Rotherham that day:


It’s mid-afternoon on Christmas Day 2022 and I was startled to hear these in my spirit.  They were so real that I thought at first someone was playing a video, but The LORD prompted me with the Words,“They’re Hawks or Eagles!”

Now I knew instantly that He was showing me something, but it wasn’t immediately clear ‘what’!

For some reason, my memory took me back to when we had an elderly cockatiel.  Someone sent us a video clip of eagles flying over their home in America.

The birds were screaming as they flew.  The sound of an eagle calling loudly is unmistakable to most other breeds, and our little cockatiel was no exception — as he instantly flattened himself on the floor of his cage.

We turned the sound off, but it took our poor little feller a few minutes to trust the silence and return, nervously, to his feeding.

So what’s going on LORD?

He told me that birds of prey scream like that as a warning.  First it’s a warning of danger approaching, but second it’s a warning of imminent attack — usually by them attacking!

Then He said this, “Tell my Eagle-eyed Watchmen to be awake and prepared to sound the alarm in this coming season!

My Remnant needs as much warning as they possibly can, to get in order to prepare the intercessors for the coming battles.

The enemy is laying many traps for the unwary and will ruthlessly attempt to destroy any who fall by the wayside.

The enemy of your souls is planning many things to distract you.  Health issues, new scandalously evil laws to restrict My People; new government restrictions to limit travel and meetings, among other things.”

At this point, He brought to mind that the very nasty drug remdesivir has been renamed as veklury, so as to lead the unwary into accepting treatment — from a drug with well-documented devastating side-effects.

The LORD went on, “Be alert.  Watch every move.  Be like a terrier dog snapping at the devil’s heels every time he moves.

Watchmen watch, and intercessors wage spiritual warfare.

Just as the enemy has given you no rest, so now you must give him no rest.

This will be intense and it will be tiring, but the battle is The LORD’s, and HE will prevail!”

Glory hallelujah \o/

Chris G. Bennett

Chris Bennett came to salvation in 1962 but didn’t begin ministry until 2007 — a late-comer! Now mandated by The LORD to prophesy and open old wells of revival in the U.K., but especially in Wales. He has also operated Healing Rooms, and worked with deliverance teams, all with his wife, Linda. Happily now doing whatever The LORD asks of them! He is Founder, with wife Linda, of The Upper Room Encounter and Last Days Remnant Prophetic.

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