Do events validate the Two Presidents prophecy? – 2

An intriguing trail of tangible evidence in events presented to the public and in secret supports and explains, in my humble opinion, the fulfillment of the late Kim Clement’s Two presidents prophecy, as explained by Derek Johnson and my summary herein.

The links therein to Derek’s website and his daily updated Telegram RattleTrap1776 will provide fuller information but here’s a few items of interest:

I’ve just noticed > AGAIN 12.12.22 > 3rd time that date’s cropped up ie GPS #90.3!

NB. Gold-fringed ‘Stars & Stripes’ flags…does this ruling apply on all state occasions, as in the Ukrainian’s visit, or as stated below only those under military jurisdiction (ie legal implication), operation and control?

2 thoughts on “Do events validate the Two Presidents prophecy? – 2

  1. I know Derek Johnson is getting a lot of flak from some people about all of the information he is giving on the military occupancy of the United States. All he has to do is ask, “Why is Washington, DC empty?” and “Why has there been so much military aircraft traffic over DC since 20 January 2021?”

    When the President is in power and living in DC, there is a no-fly zone over DC for all military aircraft. Of course, the President does not live in DC, the White House is closed and DC is a ghost town (probably because all of the government workers quit their jobs so that they could work in the coal mines of West Virginia).

    Here is a video by Nancy Drew at the White House Visitor Center. She shows us the Wall of Presidents. The last picture on the wall is of President Donald Trump. There is no picture of the fake president.

    Nancy Drew – Wall of Presidents (3:10 – 4:17)

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