Jan6 committee serves subpoena on President 45

Whilst printing weekly report from William Koenig here’s 1 of 3 news screenshots – first as follow-on to previous on President Trump’s letter, click first image-link to read in full:


BREAKING: Corrupt Jan 6 Committee Subpoenas President Trump

2 thoughts on “Jan6 committee serves subpoena on President 45

  1. Richard: With the Jan 6 Clown Committee, the Fake News, the Fake White House, etc you may want to look at this very short video. This video could be evidence of Devolution:

    Our Government has been Handed over to Whom? Washington, DC is a Ghost Town

    I believe the US Military is in control of our federal government. If you look at the video, there is not a whole lot of traffic on those streets–foot traffic or vehicle traffic. I used to live in DC back in 1984-85 for five months. There was always lots of traffic on those streets–even on weekends.

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