Catch-up on prophetic words brought by Veronika West – Nine and the Crown

These were published by Veronika following Queen Elizabeth’s heading home into heaven and may be read via accompanying links to His Kingdom Prophecy:

The Prophetic Significance of Nine and How it Speaks to the Nations

UK: A Royal Crown Has Fallen, a Prodigal Nation Will Return!

NOTE the date of the King’s Address was the 9th, as below (click image to read):

HM The King’s Address to the Nation and Commonwealth

1 thought on “Catch-up on prophetic words brought by Veronika West – Nine and the Crown

  1. To be out of the E.U would be a great start. Out out not out in as we currently are. Its early days with Truss but she needs to stop giving giving borrowed dosh to Europes most corrupt country and start focusing on Blighty. May the Lord give her courage and wisdom, may the Lord surround her with trustworthy integral people, may the Lord go before her and part the waters that come against her in Jesus name.


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