Heaven’s demolition plan, SCOTUS, changing the guard, God’s Global Grid – Wanda Alger

Further to December 2020 Open Vision of the Trumps Confirmed by  Wanda Alger’s 2015 Dream…and as someone who doesn’t get time for videos, unless run at speed, I strongly recommend taking time to read and listen to Wanda speaking about this – and as you’d expect, I love the references to ‘timing’. Also, in view of strong differences of opinion about prophecies concerning 2020 election I add a footnote from the transcript which includes reference to monitoring prophecies for fulfillment, as with this blog :

Next video: at 59 min Johnny tells of being awakened 18th July at 03:11am – note its significance as British-style date – ie. reverse of American!! (11 yet again).


“…the purpose of this vision is to show us how interconnected we are because this is a spiritual reality the Lord is showing us. Spiritually, we are interconnected there are believers in every nation of the world. Some of you are watching right now we are connected in the spirit because of the fellowship of the Spirit and this is first and  foremost a work of the Spirit, and because it’s so powerful and explosive it’s going to manifest in the natural.

So we can expect for blackouts to happen but there’s a higher purpose, there’s a higher cause and I felt it was also a reminder for those of us in the united states, if we wonder why, it’s because there’s a lot more going on. The changing of the guard that has been happening has been for a purpose

And I stated it in my last video that I believe that what president Trump is doing, has been doing for the last two years, he has been meeting with global leaders. He has been the president of the world because there are so many things that are happening because we are so interconnected. All of these pieces have to be in place; it’s not just enough for one nation to get their act together, we’ve got to coordinate. So because in the Spirit again this is a global outpouring of the Spirit and and the way the the Lord has done it is to lay the groundwork so that when this happens we are going to be in the best position possible to receive it, to embrace it, to steward it and to keep it.

And so even when I saw this grid I could tell there were still portions that were not quite finished. Why? I don’t know, but I believe this is again the call to pray that in the interim, until we see tangible and visible proof, it’s our job to watch and pray to expect the best to know that He is showing us these things because He is trusting us. He wants us to join with heaven.

You know when I shared with this with Bobby over lunch I told him what I saw: you know Jesus interceding, Jesus is our great mediator, and he said this is part of the charge. Are we agreeing with what Jesus is praying right now?


“…obviously the the US prophets have for whatever reason got a platform, but I believe that’s because there there’s a grace on this because of the fire that we’re in; and we’re certainly not the only ones in it. But it’s only when you can really be right in the middle of it that sometimes you really understand what’s involved and that your spirit is stirred to really pray rightly; not just as an observer but as a participant.

So there’s just a grace, it’s just a timing and I say this because this is the power of our prophetic intercession, it’s the power of our prophetic blessings. How we pray is so key that we believe by faith because that’s the prophetic unction. It’s that confidence, knowing this is God’s heart, this is God’s will. We need to be convinced of that. That’s where our faith rests is that we know we have heard from the Lord: this is what His purpose is, this is what He has planned and I just see so many agreements among the prophets and among even prophetic words.

And this is the last thing I just want to share is that for those who still would say, because I see this coming across on my youtube channel, in particular those who’d question the validity of the prophetic ministry – because nothing’s coming to pass you know, or how much longer can we deal with hope deferred, that we can even trust prophets – and I just want to remind you: don’t put one prophecy as the benchmark for prophetic ministry.

I mean that the big word right now that we’re all waiting for is about the 2020 election. That’s the biggest word that’s in contention right now, but I challenge you if you are questioning and wondering you know who to trust and does this even work; I challenge you to go to the websites of different prophets – myself included – and go back and review research what they’ve already said and be willing to look at those things that have already come to pass because I can tell you from my vantage point, because I see so many of the words that have been spoken have already come to pass, rather than judging the whole of prophetic ministry by one that has not come to pass yet.

Let’s make sure that we recognize what God is doing and has already done; that should be a common practice of going back. I mean it’s just like going back we read the word over and over again because there’s always meat there; there’s always inspiration, fresh revelation whenever we go back and read the word. Same can be true for prophetic words because they’re words from the Lord. Go back and review them, visit them again because this will help to establish our faith and know that – sometimes it means waiting – but in the waiting God is working and what I saw in the vision this morning was very clear that Father, Son and Holy Spirit have been working non-stop . There is a resolution a determination, there is peace beyond understanding and Jesus  IS interceding for us. So let’s join in his intercession and let’s continue to pray for one another…”

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