December 2020 open vision of the Trumps confirmed by Wanda Alger’s 2015 dream

After printing William Koenig’s weekly ‘Eye-View’ report I then enquired online about suitable replacement for skimmed milk powder for my baking our bread because our  four local stores have stopped stocking it. It was a brief 1/4 hour online before lunch – BUT being nudged to check Telegram’ I espied this exceptionally remarkable posting near the top from Wanda Alger:

“I had a dream in January of 2015 where I had joined a massive gathering of people from all over the world to a house where a “child” had just been born. It was evident this was a momentous occasion as there was a sense of awe, but also great caution. I saw this house surrounded by secret service and tons of security. Inside was a couple who just had a “baby.” This birth had been greatly anticipated and everyone was wondering when the details would be known. The man wore a dark suit and she wore a dress and high heels. They were a stately couple and I knew they were extremely important, given all the security around them. Everyone had been anticipating the birth of this child, and yet it wasn’t time to announce it.

People had heard the child crying but the parents were trying to get it asleep. It wasn’t time for it to be awake. Once they got the baby asleep, the parents were led upstairs to a waiting room until the right time. As he was going upstairs I looked at the man and he looked back at me and we both knew the significance of this event – and the necessity of waiting.

Then I was led to my own waiting room where I knew I was to pray. The challenge I had was having a huge bothersome house dog interrupt me and sit on top of me – as if he was going to “dump” on me. I woke up knowing I was going to have some major distractions in this time of intercession.

It was only last year when the Lord brought this dream back to mind, and I realized I was watching Donald and Melania Trump “birthing” our new Republic. The Lord had given this dream just as Trump was beginning the process of running for office in 2016. I believe the Lord was indicating their assignment right from the start. They had been chosen for this task and God has been preparing for it for a long time.

But the dream also reveals our role. We have been called to watch and pray. I believe the reference to the “house” dog has been the globalist controlled House we have had to contend with in this waiting process. They have been a huge distraction, but God let us know ahead of time so we could respond rightly.

I shared portions of the dream at that time and referenced the spiritual awakening. But I never confirmed the identity of the couple. The fact is, the Lord had hidden it from me until last year. But, now I am more and more confident of this reality. We will soon celebrate the birthing of a new nation and a spiritual awakening among all nations. What has been guarded and protected in the hidden places will soon be revealed for all to see.”

My Comment on Wanda’s Telegram:

“ACE, another confirmation of what I blogged 12 April 2021 (link below):

‘Why do I continue writing in the vein that Donald Trump continues to have a significant mission in the Almighty’s purposes? It is because of a personal assurance through an open vision my dear wife experienced after a ‘sizzling strike’ by Holy Spirit, just like when she watched Trooping of the Colour in 2016 just before the Brexit vote – and it got confirmed a few months later.

This time it happened on Monday 14th December last year (2020) whilst chatting with a friend whilst walking in a local woodland. Upon returning home Nina immediately told me, “I’ve just met Donald Trump!!”

Her friend had forwarded a video of the Trumps’ 2020 Christmas message and blessing. Whilst the two were chatting about a nearby Anglican church Nina unexpectedly got ‘hit’ by the Holy Spirit and began shaking and tingling as well as chuckling – so too did our friend.

Then, Nina saw Donald and Melania Trump on the White House upper storey balcony right in front of her, as though she was high off the ground hovering in the air!

She understands that, being in the Spirit, she was seeing Trump from God’s perspective and saw a HUGE halo of glory around him and ‘knows’ it means the Lord is going to use Trump as a bright beacon, not only to the world but also to the Church – WOW!!

Therefore, with having such a deep, visual revelation Nina is absolutely sure of Father’s plans and purposes for the 45th President, and is therefore unconcerned about actual events and the timing of when His plans come to pass. (She doesn’t read or follow any news or prophetical material, other than a very few items I share with her.)

With her permission I’ve shared her vision with a few friends but we’re now going public because I’ve heard two prophets saying similar to Nina, thereby verifying and acting as witnesses to this matter.’

Open vision of Donald Trump confirmed by two prophets

Just mentioned Wanda’s dream to Nina, who remarks “Lovely – I’ve never forgotten it!”

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