A simultaneous move of the Holy Spirit – Veronika West

In reading this word received Sunday morning I was pleased with a reference to what I keep reminding the Lord about, namely his statement about the preferred punishment of those who harm the little ones, namely despatch by a ‘millstone’! Isn’t it yet time to deal with the satanic wickedness of child trafficking and murder for foetal body parts? Now, at long last….as published by in His Kingdom Prophecy:


A simultaneous move of The Spirit: ”The Stone will fly, and the Sword will fall, and The Scales of Justice and Righteousness will shift and tip!”

In the early hours of this morning, I was suddenly awoken to these Words,

”Watch! For his legacy for Life and Liberty, Truth and Justice will be set in Stone, and his face will be etched in the pages of history, like the four faces of the founding fathers, engraved on the great mountain of Mount Rushmore.

One.. Two.. Three.. Four.. Five smooth stones were chosen to take the giants down. Watch! I say, Listen! The Stone and The Sword.

For The Stone will fly and The Sword will fall, and the heads of the giants will roll!”

As I heard those strange Words, suddenly the word “Stone” echoed loudly in my spirit, and The Supreme Court of America (SCOTUS) came up before me, and I saw The Scales of Justice rising over the Nation.

When suddenly, a large and heavy “Stone” fell upon the right hand side of the scales, and I watched as the magnitude of its weight and size caused a violent shift to take place upon the scales, and the scales of justice began to tip powerfully to the right side.

Then suddenly, and almost simultaneously, a large and heavy Silver Sword fell and deeply penetrated the large Stone.

Now, in the Vision, as The Stone hit the Scales, suddenly I heard this Word;  “Millstone” and The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD suddenly filled the atmosphere in the Vision, and Revelation 18 (The Fall of Babylon the Great) was quickened to me. Then I heard these Words,

”Watch! The fall! The fall, so the giants will fall… and never rise again!”

Then my eyes were drawn back, and as I looked and looked again, at the Silver Sword which was embedded in the large rock.

I saw the Silver Sword begin to turn within The Stone — which was still sitting upon The Scales of Justice — and like the turning of a key in a door, a loud sound of turning, turning began to take place in The Realm of The Spirit, and as the sound filled the airwaves.

I saw an Ancient Door appear over The Scales of Justice.

Then I heard these Words, ”Watch! For an Ancient Door now stands before this Nation.

I say, Come up higher and see! It’s the turning of a New Page for The Nations, as goat and sheep nations rise!

Watch! As the weight of My Glory falls, so The Scales of Justice and Righteousness will shift and tip, and the turning of the Key of The House of David, will bringing a Divine Unlocking to the Door of Reformation in The Nations.

For now a New Kingdom Era is now being birthed on the earth!”

As those Words echoed loudly in The Realm of The Spirit, they seemed to go forth like flaming arrows, being released into the depths of eternity.

It’s hard to describe in words what it felt like, standing in that moment within the Vision, as these things unfolded before me, but it was quickened to my spirit these Words, “Let Your Kingdom come, let Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

I see:

  • A Supernatural and Simultaneous Move of The Spirit taking place over The Nations;
  • A great Divide is coming — Sifting and Separation of Nations and States;
  • His Justice and judgment draws near, as the weight of His Glory falls upon The Nations;
  • Who can stop His Glory from invading?
  • What can remain standing under the weight of His Glory when it falls?
  • The weight of His Glory will bring a mega-shift, causing The Scales of Justice to tip;
  • His Glory is looking for a resting place!

“Watch — for The Stone will fly, and The Sword will fall, and the heads of the giants will roll!”

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika’s Facebook shows this comment from prophetic artist Yvonne Coombs:

Visit her Facebook: Yvonne’s Paintings – y.coombs.art

2 thoughts on “A simultaneous move of the Holy Spirit – Veronika West

  1. Beth McComas refers to this in commenting upon ‘Stump of Trump will Sprout’ on Fbk version:

    ‘As I read this and Veronika’s recent Stone and Sword post, yesterday, Jacob’s Stone of Scone and Canterbury came to my mind and would not leave. Everything happening and to happen has great significance to ancient history of your country as well. I thought of King Arthur and the sword in the stone…his coronation stone. Much of your ancient history seems to be considered myth, but I know God’s Truth and revelation is in there also. It’s not a coincidence that Trump’s (mother) ancestry is Scottish and that he carries the Bible of his relative that was highly instrumental in the Hebrides revival. Much ancient Welsh history is also rooted in Jesus. I’ve been watching for the fulfillment of the limp vision for a long time and your article, though long, put it all together in one place for me to read easily. In agreement. Thank you. Although the times are extremely trying and wearisome, having support and confirmations of like-minded is crucial to the battle. Thank you.’


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