2000 Mules and Wikipedia — John Barber

2000 Mules and Wikipedia I have, by way of an experiment, just googled “2000 mules”. Unsurprisingly, the first hit I got was the Wikipedia entry, which begins: “2000 Mules is a 2022 American political film by Dinesh D’Souza that falsely alleges Democratically-aligned individuals, or “mules,” were paid by unnamed nonprofit organizations to illegally collect and […] 2000 Mules and Wikipedia — JRB Publications

My blogging-buddy John closes his very brief commentary with a teaser, emphasis mine: 

‘…Wikipedia has the ability of empowering the masses (and has done so successfully) by making freely available knowledge on a mega number of different subjects. The shame is it often lies, but it also adds to the fun, and opens up subjects for the serious researcher to dig deeper and thus get to the truth. “2000 mules” is a case in hand; if the claims of the film are true (as I believe is the case), the implications are monumental.

Much as I greatly admire and have blogged on this exceptional investigation, I have just one itsy-witsy wee proviso – and I’m not competent to comment on legal matters so do correct me if I’m mistaken – BUT the recordings and geo-tracking are circumstantial evidence not hard iron-clad proof, which is the actual voting documentation posted in many suspicious circumstance has itself yet to be found and forensically examined.

5 thoughts on “2000 Mules and Wikipedia — John Barber

  1. Hi Richard,

    I know you don’t have time to watch programs on YouTube, but Steve Schultz interviewed Robin Bullock and three ‘Patriot’ experts on Elijah Streams on Thursday (19th May) – a mathematician, an IT expert in the field, and an attorney, concerning the accuracy or otherwise of the voting machines used. The experts showed some fascinating graphs illustrating that the percentage of Biden votes to Trump votes had been massively manipulated, based on normal percentages in any vote.

    Robin felt the Lord tell him here was ‘The fingerprint of fraud’, which hopefully will be spread far and wide in the days ahead.

    I don’t think at this stage in the game the ‘hard evidence’ JRB wants will be forthcoming! I bet the ballot papers will have mysteriously disappeared!

    Well worth watching the Elijah Streams series ‘Prophets and Patriots’, currently being run. But Mel K from last night is the one to watch, if people really want to know who has been running the world (for Lucifer) for the last 100 years! She has amazing knowledge!

    Many blessings, Pauline

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    • Only wish I had time for viewing all those inspiring informative items Pauline. Most unusually I’m able to carve out an hour over our long weekend whilst attending our very poorly cat. Dear Kitty’s been with us since I started writing in ’09 and has come to sleep in the swivel chair beside my desk.


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