Responses to ‘2,000 Mules’ film exposing US election fraud

This brings the postscripts I was quickly able to add to the previous, along with the film maker’s and just a very few others’ reactions to the illegality of the fraud and the MSM’s deliberate connivance:

For info: Fakebuk tries censoring the ‘God-incidence’ reported by Veronika West

Here’s a better view of PPS link to Fbk video (click image to play. Dan is former Secret Service agent, New York Times bestselling author).

Here’s the Editor’s Pick at The Epoch Times (Note, D’Souza on its Crossroads, says “There are scenarios in which I could see that it’s possible that Trump lost. It wasn’t obvious to me that Trump won.”)

Quickies posted on Richard’s Watch Telegram channel (visit for more):

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