Veronika West prophecy of falling ‘Joker and Queen’ closer to fulfillment

Most readers will recall the vision Veronika West published on 16 January 2021 linked in image below (overwrites current screen), and my monitoring its fulfillment – NB: VIP, connection to WordPress keeps dropping so this musty be a Very Important Post!

Maybe you’re already aware of this news from The Gateway Pundit indicating that prophecy is moving nearer to fulfillment…but note especially the latest opinion piece

NOW note this of yesterday published in American Greatness.  Note, their established journalist refers to what he was sensing around the anniversary of Veronika’s prophecy:

Keep watching…..and what does the prophecy foretell??

PS. Number of VP’s staff resigned is now 10!


4 thoughts on “Veronika West prophecy of falling ‘Joker and Queen’ closer to fulfillment

  1. Dear Richard

    Many thanks! I’ve been trying without success to find the word shared by Veronica re President Z of Ukraine being a “traitor”.

    I was SO shocked to read that having admired how he is leading the country.

    PLEASE can you send me the link for it ? Do you know if it has been widely confirmed as being accurate and of the Lord? I know we can all make mistakes though I’ve never felt cause to doubt what she shares.


    God bless you

    Eva Stevens in Wales.

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