My Christmas present to readers: how Kim Clement ‘Two Presidents’ prophecy is playing out…

TO OPEN THIS ‘BIGGY’ – be prepared for many gems! – ‘PULL’ HERE >>>

AND, I strongly suspect that when Donald Trump issues a formal Statement it implicitly says, “Take note, something’s about to happen!”


NB. this independent publication always addresses him as “President Trump” and, thereby, you can connect both presents!

3 thoughts on “My Christmas present to readers: how Kim Clement ‘Two Presidents’ prophecy is playing out…

  1. In the United States, the sheriff is the most powerful elected official in the county.

    Example: I remember I was hitchhiking in New Mexico many years ago and this guy told me that this local rancher violated some EPA (Environmental Protection Act) rule. The Feds were going to arrest the rancher. The local sheriff got wind of this and he contacted the Feds and told them that, if they arrest that rancher, he would arrest the Feds and put them in jail for kidnapping. Nothing happened to the rancher.

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    • Thanks Tim for I was amazed to learn about facility in Howell’s piece, but it explains the rationale of news titbits I’d noticed re AZ elections. Even funnier that just before reading it I’d checked for any new posts on Clever Journeys and mentioned my boyhood interest in Dodge City to our Texan blogger buddy Jack Dennis’ on his family connection to its sheriffs.

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