Monday Newsmix 1 – Maricopa 2020 election audit

Source: Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers, as mentioned in several previous posts. Here’s screenshots from her Campaign News:  I understand deletion of election files is a criminal misdemeanour.  Fuller background details on methods of manipulation may be read via links provided at foot of this post.

This Statement at America Can We Talk, provides link to analytical expert Dr Frank:

This article continues:

Dr. Douglas Frank has discovered, explained and demonstrated the algorithms implemented via voting machines in red and blue states throughout the country.  Where sufficient data has been publicly available in any given state, as night follows day, Dr. Frank has been able to show with mathematical precision, invariably and irrefutably, how software algorithms determined voting results in every state he has been able to examine.

There is one and only one explanation for Dr. Frank’s demonstrated analysis:  the election was rigged.  There is no other possible explanation.  Mathematically certain, predictable results in every county of a state do not and cannot occur randomly or by happenstance or coincidence; they can only happen because they are programmed to happen…’

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