On 1st November Wanda Alger posted the following in her Prophetic Perspectives for the Kingdom Age:

That which our spiritual adversary has been allowed to do on the earth has brought many hardships and heartaches. It has been a painful process. Yet, it has awakened the masses to demonic schemes and agendas laid out for years.

Lucifer and his hordes have plotted and planned for generations to take out the sons of the earth. Those he controls are addicted to the power they have seized. Thinking they have free reign, these demonically inspired agents have cast off restraint, and cared little about repercussions. Like starving rats drawn to food, they have come into the open where all can now see the source of their madness. Their Fallen Master has convinced them he is able to alter the future, promote their agendas, and even change his own fate. And yet, the Father of Lies is blind.

Reaping the results of his own deception, he has no idea what’s coming. Deceived by his own vanity and pride, he has miscalculated his reach by believing his own lie.

He has no idea of the trap that has been set.

His own Creator has known from the start what Morning Star would do. The One who has watched from the beginning foresaw this collision of expectations and planned for it. Though the road has been long and the cost has been high, the reward will be great.The oppressive regime paying homage to Satan is about to collide with the Spirit of Truth and the Fear of the Lord. The centuries-long plans woven together by the dark lords of the underworld are about to unravel. The web of deception is but a flimsy mirage that is blown away with but one breath of the Living God.

Do not fear the darkness, for He who is King often works in cover of night. While the devils have been preoccupied with their prey, the Captain of the Host has been positioning His armies. Our adversary has been lured to the bait and the snap of the trap will be heard as these creatures are caught and their network of lies dismantled and destroyed.

This illusion of power is about to break. The trap has been set!

1 thought on “THE TRAP HAS BEEN SET – Wanda Alger

  1. Richard Anson comments on Fbk version:
    ‘ This reminds me of something Hank Kunnemann said earlier this week on the Victory Channel that he recently heard a snapping sound in the spirit and this was connected to the situation the Democrats had found themselves in a year on from the fraudulent elections. ‘

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