Anniversary of US Presidential Election brings deep analysis of how it got flipped overnight in ALL states!

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: One Year Ago on Election Night All State Reporting Was Zeroed Out on the Edison Election Reporting System and Then One by One Each State’s Totals Were Reset – Why?

Click above image for link to read and see video and time-graphs of vote-switching.

Reporting on Jeff O’Donnell’s in-depth research and analysis Joe Hoft writes,

We identified a number of issues last year before and after election night.  We uncovered ‘glitches’ that showed up on Election Night 2020 where results in the Presidential Election were switched between candidates.  This led us to uncover the Edison Election system data that was provided to Big Media that presented up-to-date results in each state’s election results.  When we reviewed this data we found a number of unusual items.

‘The Edison data provided total votes at one point in time and percents of these totals for each candidate. Rather than just list total votes per candidate at any given time, results had to be calculated.  We then found anomalies in the data where millions of votes appeared either eliminated or switched to Joe Biden (net). We then looked into the data set we had of the Election Night data and found various anomalies where multiple states recorded massive data dumps, we called ‘drops’, followed by a pattern where results were in a consistent but abnormal pattern, which we labeled ‘rolls’.  We called this the ‘drop and roll’….  (Video demonstration)

We’ve recently uncovered something else very peculiar embedded in the Edison data from the 2020 Election.  This was something we initially ignored.

‘We identified that at essentially the same time period on Election Night all reporting for all states was suddenly eliminated and reported as zero.  Then depending on the state, the totals were ‘reset’ for each state, and from that point forward there were no more zero entries for any state…

‘We noted some additional observations related to this event.  Trump was ahead of Biden in the total vote up until 4 am in the morning.  Not much changed until after Florida was called, at that point the first state had its results zeroed out.  After Texas was called the real zeroing out of state results occurred.  There was one point where Trump was back in the overall vote lead when California’s results were zeroed out.  Then slowly, state by state, results were again reported in the Edison data for each state.

Editor Joe Hoft concludes quite naturally by asking a dozen questions about this highly suspicious, apparently fraudulent activity that supports claims about the US presidential election having been deliberately rigged.

Oh and by the way regarding this week’s gubanatorial election in Virginia:

WAYNE ROOT: It’s the Parents, Stupid: The Parents of America Declare War on Biden and Democrat Party

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