THE QUESTION of our times: preaching Christ Crucified, is it controversial or crucial?

Further to the Lord’s words and warnings given to many prophets of our days, of which those delivered through Kim Clement and Veronika West are reported on this blog, it’s claimed Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in his address to the COP26 conference:

“It’s one minute to midnight on that doomsday clock and we need to act now.”


Kelly Valencia begins her report that portays some unscriptural, flaky ‘theology’

“It is rude and provocative, and I can’t think who will be encouraged to try out church from seeing that!” Jenny Symmons tweeted. Chad Rigney, another Twitter user, said: “The banner is clear in the point. And I think the point is correct.”

In a statement to Premier, the lead pastor of the church, William Philip defended the banner and said that explaining the Church’s mission to preach Christ crucified and not something else “should hardly be controversial”.

“It seems that saying, when the COP is happening right on our doorstep, that there is something more important (far more important) the church must speak about is embarrassing for some Christians.

“I think that betrays a dangerous misunderstanding of the real urgency of the message we have been charged with taking to the world: an eternal, supernatural gospel,” Pastor William said.

But for Andy Lester, head of conservation at Christian environmental charity A Rocha UK, Christ crucified and climate change “are not two separate things”.

“We know that we serve a God who died at Calvary and rose again, but he died at Calvary for all our sins for all the things that we’ve done to each other, but also done to the planet, so climate change is a symptom of that scene of that brokenness.

“Climate change is a reflection of Christ crucified. They’re not two separate things. They’re one and the same in terms of the link between sin and salvation and hope,” Lester said…’ (continue reading here)

HUH??? That claim is new to me so could someone provide chapter and verse? Please?

These ‘leading christians’ are in deep danger as Revd Christopher Wickland warns (tap image to go to his Fbk):

ALSO consider the well-informed opinion of renowned journalist Melanie Phillips:

Continue this long-read at

3 thoughts on “THE QUESTION of our times: preaching Christ Crucified, is it controversial or crucial?

  1. Well, maybe people’s fears and uncertainties will actually cause them to seek out God. There were many things over a couple or three years which made me wonder if God existed or not. A lot of them fairly small…like the sinking of the Spirit of Free Enterprise (not a small thing, I hasten to add, for those who were on board). Even the incarceration of Terry Waite which some newspaper mentioned day after day (something like day 290, day 291, day 293 since Waite has been imprisoned) made me look up and take notice.

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  2. The Church is in an age where truth is established through the Word of God, the power of the Holy Spirit at work in the lives of the saints, and overcoming testimonies from those who dared to take up the cross and walk as Jesus did. A personal taste of the cross makes the things of the Kingdom of Heaven become very real in a believer’s life so they are able to hear the voice of God for themselves and sort truth from error. Without that, all the pontifications about environment or anything else, come to nothing if the will of the Sovereign Lord is not made known. To those who hear His voice and know His will, they understand the true faith is not about trying to lay guilt trips on people for things done wrong whatever they may be; it’s about redeeming love bringing wholeness and healing both in people and the environment around us. God does it through us; not by jetting around to various conferences and partying it up in the face of the global population, but by teaching us how to serve one another in love. Meanwhile the powerful delusions now sweeping through the so called ‘elite’ is the worst pollution of all.

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