Heard in 2007, prophetic word: “The Lord has His trump card.” So, the game is still in play!

Bob Hodgson kindly permits my re-publishing his personal account posted yesterday on Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival (facebook), which is perhaps the earliest report on how the Lord sees and is using Donald J. Trump to serve His sovereign purposes. It is a most suitable addition to this blog’s many postings on indicators of Veronika West’s vision posted 8 Nov 2020 of the Trump vs Biden high-stake poker game coming to pass. (You may recall my blogging on similar from Johnny Enlow, Dianne Marshall’s images of cards in play (as above), even in the British Press and in Parliament, as well as in an Australian blog, with the latest brought by Dr Patrica Show.)  Bob writes – emphases mine:

I know I know, another post about Trump, but here’s an account of what the Lord said to my wife and I regarding the US election way back in 2007 at a time when we were very ill-informed about US politics.

We were seeking the Lord for the next year’s (2008) presidential election. We had recently met a US businessman whom God had called to stand as an independent candidate, and being intercessors, we took up the challenge. Having spent the previous decade in warfare over Britain’s membership of the EU, we fully understood the global spiritual war against the rise of Babylon.

Then on one particular occasion, as we waited, God spoke these words, “The Lord has His trump card!” 

Being in the UK, and not having a TV we had never heard of Donald Trump, so in 2007 those words made no sense at all, other than its surface meaning. However, like all prophecies, it went in our prophetic journal and stayed there waiting further revelation.

And of course, despite our intercession, Obama won in 2008, and then won again, giving 8 years of godless government.

Then 2016 came around, and suddenly a man called Donald Trump hit the news with his presidential campaign, and the 2007 prophecy immediately made very clear sense, (especially knowing how ungodly the alternative – Hillary Clinton was).

The word God had given me 9 years earlier clearly confirmed to us that Trump was the man ordained by God, triggering an ongoing volley of prayer on his behalf. Trump’s victory in November 2016 obviously confirmed the word.

But having won that election, Trump then spent the next 4 years under a running demonic attack aimed at de-legitimising his presidency and blocking every election promise he tried to fulfill.

Then came the 2020 election, and it looked from early results that Trump was winning by an even larger margin, but suddenly, huge ballot dumps appeared for Biden only, jerking the count in the opposite direction!

Watching the saga of fraud and gross dishonesty deepened our prayers, but in the days after the election we were very perplexed, hoping and praying that the legal challenges would reverse the result.

So lacking clarity, a few days after the election we went back to the Lord and asked for a clear word of knowledge. But instead of giving a fresh word, the Lord redirected us back to the original prophecy“The Lord has His Trump card”, and it was as if a light switched on and suddenly we saw what we had previously missed.

The veracity of the original prophecy has been clearly demonstrated by the simple fact that Trump had won the presidency in 2016, but what did that mean in 2020?

I am no card player, but I do know that trump cards always defeat any cards from the other suits in the pack. Additionally, nobody plays their trump card early in the game, instead they always hold on to the trump card ’til the very last minute, waiting for the pile of cash in the middle of the table to maximise. [RB: as in the vision Veronika received.]

A high-stakes winner in a card game will defeat all other players, put them out of the game, and take all their money. So applying this analogy to the election, the game which started in 2016 between the Lord Himself and the satanic god of this world, has not stopped at Trump’s 2020 defeat, but is still in play, and will be in play ’til God decides to place HIS winning hand on the table!

If God had successfully played his trump card, then His opponents would have been defeated and bankrupted instead of, as we have witnessed, fighting furiously at every turn to destroy Trump in every way possible

That was the interpretation we saw in mid-December.

So after the election, my wife and I waited in prayer and anticipation to see what would happen in the electoral college meeting of the 6th of January. But again, we were perplexed and disappointed, and again we returned to the Lord for His counsel.

This time the Lord did give us a fresh word. I heard him say, “The Lord laughs!” and my wife heard this, “Why are you downcast?”

So no, despite the disappointment we were not in the least bit downcast, especially knowing that the Lord is laughing at his enemies! The game is obviously still in play!

That was what we felt after the 6th January, which left us looking forward to the next date, the 20th January inauguration, but as before, we were again disappointed. But those dates had been set by us, not the Lord, and the failure still does not discount the words we heard from the Lord.

To recap, it is very clear to us that the Lord’s card game is still being played! The Lord holds all the Trumps, and is still waiting patiently for the winnings pot to maximise.

Since that fraudulent election, more and more corruption has surfaced, more and more workers of iniquity have stood up to boast. Every day, the Lord’s opponents have made their faces known.

Here’s what Amos said (Amos 3:7).-

‘Surely the Lord God does nothing, Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.’

God does this so His prophets and intercessors will understand how to fight, and that’s why our current prayer strategy has moved away from urging the Lord to play His Trump card. Instead, we daily cry out that more and more corrupt players will rush to that card table and fall into the Lord’s trap!.

The last thing we want to see is half a victory, we want an overwhelming victory!

So in conclusion:

I am confident victory is already assured, but as warriors, I believe our prayers and intercession will decide the magnitude of the victory, the size of winning pot on the card table. Therefore, we must stop listening to the media false prophets, the voice of Satan, and instead flow with the Lord’s plan.

So to all the prayer warriors, please take time to seek God and strengthen the weak knees and get back in the fight.

2 thoughts on “Heard in 2007, prophetic word: “The Lord has His trump card.” So, the game is still in play!

  1. I was interested to note, in your headline image it says ‘Chess Move’. As the final move in the game is ‘Check mate’, or in the original ‘Shah Maht’ or The Shah is Dead’. The final move, to trump your opponant is to say that their King is Dead. Going back to Veronika West’s Word about Joe Biden being the Joker King who finally loses his balance and his crown, as I believe the chess peice is toppled when it is check-mated. The Lord may well be saying, I will use my Trump Card to capture and bring down your King, and topple him. Check Mate or Shah Maht – Long Live God’s King!!

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  2. Also, in answer to your comment ‘I know, I know, another Trump post’, I felt I should say something.

    The world is mad at present, and many are whirling around, trying to figure out who or what to believe. Many are afraid, and for many, their faith is being sorely tested. I have just emerged from a time like that when we had to pray intensely for 20 years of minor miracles, before we finally saw the fulfillment of God’s promises to us.

    Many, many times we felt all hope was gone, and even those around us asked us, why don’t you give up on the idea of healing, maybe it is not going to happen. Many times we almost did!

    My daughter was as ill as you could get, and we got to the point when her (world-class) medical team told me ‘we can’t save her, just perhaps give her a little longer’. Our faith, hope and trust went into the crucible. It was agonising. All seemed lost, and my hope and trust and faith and energy was gone. I got to a place where I felt nothing, and no active prayer seemed worthwhile. And then God stepped in!

    Looking back I see His fingerprints on the journey map. He waited longer than any human would have done, and confused and exhausted everyone who tried to ‘fix her’. When all human wisdom ran out, God stepped in. And we found out in pictures, dreams and revelations later that He had been there, every step of the way. But to go back to 2021.

    Here we are, with the media and the world screaming ‘give up, its all lost’. We have prayed and prayed into the place of no hope, and weary knees. But we all feel that God has not finished with America, in fact, He has a glorioius plan for her! To rise, from the ashes of human wisdom and effort, not the reward for battles, or politics, but of His promises. Always yes, and Amen.

    As we sit, silent, with out eyes on the hills, and we just KNOW that Donald J Trump is the answer God has given to America for this time, God will step in. In that silent place, where we lie, without a prayer, without a plan and without any answers, God says ‘right, now its my turn’.

    His beauty is outstanding and his ways beyond understanding. Not hard to understand but BEYOND our understanding. That is the place. The silent place, where all prayers have been prayed and we wait, expectantly. Like the Little Town of Bethlehem, How still we see thee lie. Above thy deep and dreamless sleep the silent stars go by, Yet in the dark streets shineth the Everlasting Light! The hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight.

    And that is it. In the silence, not of sleep but at the end of our understanding and beyond. When we throw in the towel and say ‘that’s it!’. That is when His Everlasting Light can shine. At the point of our deepest hopelessness, and fear, He Shines!!!

    If Donald Trump had come back through politics, uprisings, through any hand of any man, then men could boast that we did it. But as America sleeps, and the streets are dark, God is ready to TURN THE LIGHTS ON!!!!!!!

    So, never apologise about anothe post about anything. We all need to know that that place at the end of our understanding is Gods Own Field. The impossible is his soil and His mercy is th e seed. All we have to do is praise His Name, and worship whilst we watch His Harvest come to its fullness. Keep Posting to a world that needs to know that God is not finished yet! In fact, He has hardly begun!!!


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