Update on ‘behind the scenes’ prophecies on Deep-State: 2 – Veronika West; Trump’s hands tied by God, moves from Warrior to Worshiper!!

Am blessed that our dearly beloved sister Veronika West has published the extensive transcript at His Kingdom Prophecy of last weekend’s video discussion. First, she tells about a prophetic vision about California. At 28 minutes she changes to the vision and word received on the 20th anniversary of 9/11; BUT her opening description of seeing Donald Trump standing on a high platform surprised me because I was reminded of the totally unexpected open vision Nina had on 14th December of seeing him and Melania on the White House balcony – and hovering at their level – and there was a glorious light surrounding them, just like their being a beacon:


A Divine Exchange Is taking place, a Servant King Rises, from Wrestling to Resting in the Victory!

The following Word of the word of Vision, I received on September 11, 2021.

I also recently did an interview to share on this vision see following link to interview on Truth Unveiled TV with Dr. Paul R Oebel.

I saw Trump with his hands tied behind his back, I heard The Spirit say, 

“In the prison of My Will, I have tied his hands, that I may change and transform his heart!”

On the 11th of September 2021, I was suddenly caught up in a powerful Vision, where I saw President Donald J. Trump standing on a high platform and a beautiful Red and Gold Throne was behind him.  A Gold Crown was sitting upon his head, but as looked at him, I saw that his hands were tied behind his back, and he seemed to struggling to get loose from the the cords that bound him.

[Prophetic Note: When seeing President Trump with his hands tied behind his back, unable to defend himself, or to be released to take certain action with regards to what was unfolding in the Nation, it was quickened to me the Vision where I saw the great Oak Tree standing in the Forest of Nations and I saw what looked like demonic beings running towards the great Oak Tree with axes in their hands. Their assignment was to cut the tree down, and so they did, and even though the great Oak Tree was in itself one of the greatest, strongest, tallest and most majestic tree in the Forest of Nations, the tree was powerless to stop the wielding axes of the demonic assignment.

But fear not! For God is unfolding a greater Plan in the midst of the demonic madness, a Plan of Resurrection Power. The life is in the roots. The Power of Covenant prevails — See this of 30 July 2021 https://youtu.be/HcQX5IeYh5The Stump of Trump: Truth, Righteousness, Unity, Mercy and Peace… will sprout again!]

Now as I kept looking at him in the Vision, I could feel a deep frustration and aggravation rising in President Trump as he continued to try to free his hands from behind his back.

Then I saw a large table in front him, and his eyes seemed to be fixed on a pile of important governmental documents which urgently needed his attention.

But as I stayed watching, a deeper and deeper sense of desperation began to take hold of his heart and his mind, and I could feel his inner turmoil to be free and for his hands to be released.

Suddenly, I saw an Archangel of The LORD standing behind the Red and Gold Throne, and I saw that the Angel had been assigned to watch over President Trump, to ensure that his hands remained bound.

(This blew me away!) But as I began to press in deeper, asking for The Holy Spirit to give me a greater Understanding and Revelation of what I was seeing unfold in the Vision, I saw the hand of The Father touch the shoulder of President Trump.

As soon as His Hand touched him, a peace came upon President Trump and he immediately stopped struggling to be free from the cords that bound him. Then I heard these Words,

”Watch! For I have disabled and demobilised in the natural realm that I may enable and mobilise in the supernatural realm. For I have firmly bound up, that My Fearless Warriors may be loosed to War and Win!

Watch, as My Angel Armies go forth to fight for you, to defend and protect you, and to demonstrate to you what it is to be made fully dependent and reliant upon Me.

Watch and see! For it will not be by the hand of man, nor by the power of the arm of the flesh that you shall be saved and delivered, but it shall be by The Power of My Spirit and the strength of My Might that you shall overcome and overthrow your enemies, for I AM the champion of those who cannot help themselves.

Watch! As My Glory goes forth to War for you, and as My Righteous Right Hand moves to annihilate your adversaries and drive out the devouring spirits in the midst of you. For your enemies, are my enemies!

Therefore, fear not! For this shall not be to your destruction or your demise, but for the purpose of demonstrating and revealing to a rebellious and stiff-necked Nation that I AM the Great Redeemer, Restorer and Reformer of Nations.

Is it not I who will cause a Nation that is weak to become strong? A Nation that is poor to become rich? And a Nation that is lost to be found and made great again?

For surely I have made you to be an instrument of My Instruction, My Trumpet set at My Mouth for this moment in time — a kairos time — a time of great turmoil and trouble, a time of the birthing of many Nations.

Is it not My Breath — the Breath of My Spirit — that blows through My Chosen Instrument? For what noise can a Trumpet make without the breath from the mouth of one that blows it?

Behold! The sound of My Trumpet shall be heard as the winds of My Resurrection Power now blows forth across this land.”

As I heard those Words, suddenly I saw what looked like a great Curtain being lifted up before me in the Vision. (See the HKP Prophetic Word I gave that parallels here with a Curtain being lifted; 2021: 2021: Lights — Camera — Action! )

And a Battlefield that looked like an Altar stood before me, and I heard these Words, ”See, for The Altar of Awakening stands before you in this hour!”

As I looked again at The Altar again, I heard The LORD say, ”In this 11th Hour, I AM calling My Remnant to wage War from a position of full Surrender, total Obedience, and in the power of True Repentance!”

The LORD is once again pointing us to the only weight that can shift the scales in The Courts of Heaven — True Repentance.

Now as I looked at The Altar, The LORD then quickened to me a Vision I had,  “America: a Nation in Free-Fall.

[Prophetic Note: God called Abraham to lay his long awaited for promise, upon the altar to be sacrificed.What is God calling America to lay upon the altar to be sacrificed in this hour? Then The Holy Spirit took me to another Word from December 2020, given a powerful HKP Word, A Spiritual Showdown Has Begun!“]

A spiritual showdown is now taking place! It is time to choose… when I heard The Spirit say, “America this is our Mount Carmel moment… whom will you choose?”

“Get ready! Get ready, for the stage is set a spiritual show-down is about to take place in this land…

But watch! For now I AM raising up a remnant that will roar with a call for the rebuilding and restoration of the broken down altars in this land, listen!

For a sound will begin to rise up from the ground of this prodigal nation, a sound of weeping and wailing will once again be heard as the call to come to the altar returns to this land, now watch and pray, and pay close attention, for a remnant mantled with the spirit of Elijah is rising in this land who will begin to roar causing a prodigal nation to come back to its senses, a nation that was lost will turn, return and be reformed!

Listen! Now is the time to repair and rebuild the torn down altars in this nation..!”

Now and as I looked at The Altar, I saw a great and mighty Army standing on The Altar/ Battlefield of Great Awakening and I heard The Spirit say, ”Watch! As My Fire now falls upon the Altar of Awakening (Battlefield) to set ablaze the hearts of My Ecclesia and to scatter My enemies!”

As those Words echoed loudly in the Vision, I saw what looked like Tongues of Fire begin to fall like rain upon The Altar/ Battlefield of Awakening, and as I stayed watching in the Vision, I saw The Tongues of Fire falling upon the heads of the great Army of The LORD that was standing upon the Battlefield.

Then suddenly, a strong and mighty Wind began to blow roundabout me and I heard these words, ”Watch! For I shall now breathe My Resurrection Rower upon this Battlefield, upon The Altar of Great Awakening to bring Life to an Army of dry bones, and The Fires of My Glory shall fall to set their hearts ablaze with My Anointing, Power and Authority!”

And then I watched, as the strong and mighty Winds of the manifest Power of The Seven Spirits of God began to blow forth upon The Altar/ Battlefield of Awakening.

From the North, South, East and West, the breath of God blew upon the great Army, and as the mighty Winds of The Breath of God came upon the dry bones and filled the bodies of the great Army, suddenly I saw The Army of The LORD being set ablaze, as the strong Winds fanned into Flame the Tongues of Fire that were falling like rain upon the Battlefield.

As the Winds of Resurrection Power blew hard across the Battlefield, so the Fires of His Glory burned brighter and brighter, and I watched as the great Army of The LORD began to move and advance forward across the land, filled with the Power of His Resurrection Breath, and fueled by the Fires of His Glory, Authority and Anointing the great Army of The LORD began to pursue, overtake and recover all that the enemy had stolen.

(Please also see HKP Word I gave on the: “Firestorm, Whirlwinds and Four Faces of God )

And, as I watched the great Army of The LORD begin to arise and shine on the Battlefield, so the enemies of God were being scattered, to the North, South, East and West, and from where The Winds of The Spirit had come.

Now demonic strongholds were being dismantled and uprooted, satanic high places were being demolished and pulled down.

I saw that as the great Army of The LORD were advancing across the land, so the powers of the kingdom of darkness and death were being pushed back.

The Kingdom of Light and Life was being built and established… and then I heard these Words, ”Kingdom Restoration and Reformation is now taking place in the nations of the earth!”

(See this HKP link to a Word that parallels: The Hour of Divine Restoration and Retribution.)

Then suddenly I saw the Curtain fall and I could no longer see The Altar of Awakening/ Battlefield before me. But my eyes were turned back to President Trump in the vision, and I saw that his hands were still bound behind his back.

But now his eyes were turned towards the face of The Father and tears were running down his cheeks.

Suddenly I saw the Archangel of The LORD step forward and with a sword in his hand, and I watched as the Angel severed the cords that bound his hands, and as President Trump’s hands were freed, I saw him lift up his hands towards the heavens, and I heard these Words, ”His hands are no longer the hands of a fierce Warrior, but the hands of a fearless Worshiper!”

As I heard those Words, I felt a sudden supernatural shift taking place and the weight of The Glory of The LORD filled the atmosphere, and then I heard these Words, “Now I can fully release you to be whom I Called and Anointed you to be. For in the prison of My Will, I tied your hands that I might change and transform your heart.

I restrained your might and bound up your power, that I might unveil and reveal My Holy Zeal for Truth, Righteousness, Unity, Mercy and Peace!”

(Please also see HKP Word I gave on, The T•R•U•M•P Tree and The Seven Spirit Whirlwind. )

As those Words were released over President Trump, I then saw President Trump do something amazing. While still standing before his throne, I saw him kneel down and take off his Crown and he laid it at The Father’s Feet.

I then saw The Father turn towards him and He looked at President Trump and He smiled, and I watched as The Father then took hold of President Trump’s right hand and He placed a Gold Signet Ring upon his finger as I heard these Words, “A servant King shall now arise to be My Signet Ring and shall Rule and Reign in all My Power and Authority.”

As those Words were spoken, the Archangel of The LORD stepped back and President Trump got up on his feet and ‘took his seat’ on the Red and Gold Throne.

As I saw President Trump take his seat, it was quickened to me these verses from Hebrews 10:11-14, Day after day every priest stands and performs his religious duties; again and again he offers the same sacrifices, which can never take away sins. But when this priest had offered for all time one sacrifice for sins, he sat down at the right hand of God. Since that time he waits for his enemies to be made his footstool, because by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.

And then I heard these Words, “No longer a standing King with a Gold Crown upon his head, but now a seated Servant King with a Gold Signet Ring upon his finger.”

[Prophetic Note : The battle is won from a seated position and not from a standing one. It is time to see from a Heavenly Perspective. We fight from Victory; Satan is under our feet!]

Suddenly, I came out of the Vision, and I immediately began to pray about all that I had just seen and heard by The Spirit of Revelation in the Vision, and as I began to inquire of The LORD.

See both these Words recently posted on HKP:
  1.  “America, Set as a Signet Ring Nation
  2. America, Set as a Signet Ring Nation (Part 2)

“Joseph… a Servant King in the prison of God’s Will…”

The first thing The Spirit of Revelation showed me was the life of Joseph, and how the life of Joseph parallels powerfully to this Vision and the life of President Donald James Trump.

We all know the story of Joseph and his dream about becoming a great ruler over all of Egypt. Joseph in his zeal runs to tell his brothers and provoked to jealousy they end up selling him into slavery, and so Joseph begins his journey towards the pit and finally to take his seat in the palace.

We see how Gods favour was upon Joseph throughout his harrowing story of brokenness, rejection, lies,…false accusations,…and finally imprisonment.

Joseph would learn through Trials, Tribulations and many tears to fully surrender and submit his life into The Hands of God. His dream and vision of becoming a great ruler and making the nation great would surely be tested and tested again as he watched and waited on God to vindicate and deliver him from that dark pit.

Joseph was “in the prison of God’s Will” and it was not until his heart was changed and fully prepared to take his seat in the palace would he be released from that prison.

He would have to remain in exile until God was ready, but… when the day finally came for that Divine Deliverance from that dark pit, Joseph was a different man.

He would emerge from the darkness of that pit like a butterfly emerges from the darkness of a cocoon, not in his own strength, power or authority, but in the strength, power and authority of the King.

He would take his place to reign as a Servant King over the people.

[Prophetic Note: This is a powerful prophetic parallel of what is now taking place with His the remnant. A great Army is now emerging from the darkness of the caves not in their own strength, power or authority, but in the strength, power and authority of the King. An Army of Servant Kings is rising!

Joseph was given a Gold Signet Ring which he wore on his finger, this Signet Ring would give him all the Power and the Authority of the King, and we know that when the day came when Joseph stood face to face with his enemies, he would declare to them, ”You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”]

(Please also see HKP Word I gave on the: President Trump — His MAGA Dream — and Bowing Flagpoles and “from wrestling with God,…to resting in God” see “America & Trump: Wrestling for the Blessing! )

The Holy Spirit then quickened to me the powerful Vision I had about seeing President Trump winning, but walking with a limp.

  1. America: Trump Will Win — But Will Walk With a Limp
  2. America: Trump Will Win — Part 2

Now as I revisited that powerful Word, see both Words) The LORD began to reveal and speak to me again about the Prophetic Parallels between President Donald J. Trump and Jacob, and how Jacob wrestled all night with God, and how he would not let God go until he received the blessing.

We know that by morning when the wrestling was over, Jacob’s hip was broken, but he had won God’s blessing and he received a new name — but he would forever walk with a limp!

As I began to see these things again in light of this recent Vision with President Trump’s hands tied behind his back, The Spirit of Revelation then spoke to me saying, “In his first term he fought ‘for Victory’, in the strength of his flesh, and he ‘wrestled’ with God’, for a covenant blessing, and he was called by an old name, and known by an old identity.

But now watch! For in his Second Term he will fight ‘from Victory’, in the strength of The Spirit, and he will ‘rest’ in God and in the Power and the Authority of the Covenant Blessing, and he will be called by a new name, and known by a new identity!”

In the first term, we saw President Trump wrestle all day and all night for four years, not letting go until he received the blessing of God over the Nation.

As a result, I believe God has granted President Trump His Blessing; he will be called by a new name and walk in a new Identity and Authority. But like Jacob, Trump will walk with a limp!

The Divine Exchange: A Gold Crown in exchange for a Gold Signet Ring

As I heard The Spirit say these things, I was shown again President Trump as he knelt before The Father and I saw him take off his Crown and he laid it at The Father’s Feet and I heard The Spirit say, ”As the crown of the flesh, of the carnal nature is laid down at the foot of The Cross, a Divine Exchange takes place as a Gold Signet Ring of His Righteousness is put upon your finger, giving all of His Power and Authority to Rule and Reign as His Servant King over the heavens and in The Nations of the earth!”

As I heard those Words, it was a powerful confirmation of what I was seeing taking place in the life of President Trump and in the way in which God is moving and mobilising His Ecclesia in this hour.

As Trump took off his kingly Crown, it was symbolic of him surrendering his life to God, no longer trying to accomplish things in his own Wisdom, Strength, Power or Authority which would have defined his first term as a fight for Victory and a wrestling with God.

But now a Divine Exchange begins to take place, as God prepares Trump’s heart for a Second Term, we see a Gold Signet Ring being put upon his finger — a Signet Ring that will give him all the Power, Authority and Covenant Blessing of ‘The King’.

Prophetic Note: I submit to you, this Vision is not just speaking to President Trump, but it is speaking powerfully to The Church, to God’s Ecclesia in this hour.

It will be from a position of full Surrender, Obedience and Humility/ Repentance… that Sheep Nations will arise in the Light of His Glory fully Restored and Reformed.

For surely God has restrained and contained man’s power in order that His Power and Glory be fully Released and Revealed.

As Warriors, we will fight from Victory, Resting in God, and we shall overcome and Win, not fighting on our feet but waging war on our knees!

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

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