Veronika’s Postscript to her dream vision of the ‘Joker’

Dear Veronika added some Prophetic Insights to HKP’s The Joker, the Queen and the King’s Stolen Crown (which my previous post displayed news headlines of it now being fulfilled).  Those insights refer to the symbolism of the 4-legged and 3-legged furniture in the dream and the biblical meaning of those numbers and their being in contention.

To the whole, published 16th January, she adds this highly appropriate Postscript:

“Please don’t ask me to repent or recant from what I have shared above. Not now nor later!

For I do not know how or when God will do these things that He has revealed. But one thing I know, is He will do what man cannot do!

Let us pray, trust and watch for the wonder working power of the God of ‘the suddenlies’.”

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