Update on prophecy painting pointing to Pennsylvania…(+ latest 2 June)

Time to recall Heaven’s Snare and Stairway over USA on Eve of 400th Anniversary of the Arrival of the Mayflower published 12 November 2020, featuring this fantastic prophetical painting by Yvonne Coombs:

The latest news in The Gateway Pundit has direct relevance to that prophecy:

Very, very interesting…keep watching for what may develop…


4 thoughts on “Update on prophecy painting pointing to Pennsylvania…(+ latest 2 June)

  1. Pomarie Richard,
    Our Lord has just said Biden’s downfall will be as sudden as Ceausescu’s
    And his wife Elena in 1989 when they were executed by secret military tribunal in 1989.
    Praise the I AM.

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  2. “Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania legislature delegation is meeting with the Arizona legislature members to discuss the integrity of the election. Pennsylvania is the state where there was the biggest theft against Trump.However, nothing can stop the mechanism that was set in motion. Maricopa was the first Domino. All the other states where the fraud was perpetrated are coming now. The electoral coup against Donald Trump is falling apart day after day.”


    “A military source confirmed to Laurie Roth that Trump signed the Insurrection Act on January 14th. If this is true, everything would make sense. Trump avoided a civil war by delivering temporarily the power to the military. He crossed the Rubicon without an official proclamation and this is perfectly legal. In this way, nobody could accuse him of being a ‘dictator’. It’s a masterpiece of strategy. He allowed the establishment of a puppet administration, which has never been really in charge. After this, Trump started the controlled demolition of the deep state in four steps: 1) Operation GameStop; 2) Covid restrictions’ lifting; 3) Operation Evergreen; 4) annulment of the 2020 electoral fraud. We’re in the fourth step now. Trump has already said to his friends that he thinks he could be reinstated by August. Get ready. In the next months, we’ll see the final showdown between Trump/Q and the New World Order.”


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