Monday Newsmix 3: Triple updates on Joker, Queen and King prophecy

Most appropriately we have 3 updates relating to what I term ‘circus and collapse of the clown’ prophetic dream reported by Veronika West. The first two are from The Gateway Pundit and The Marshall Report  The third is her own reaction to Friday’s news!  [PS. see Newsmix 4 for today’s news of ‘major red flag’ from White House physician.]

1. The Gateway Pundit Thursday, Joe Biden slips, calls Kamala “President Harris”

2. Dianne Marshall’s refers to protocol in her Take off your mask and breath

3. On Saturday Veronika West cites Friday news on her Ignite Ireland Ministry:




••••Here below is a portion of the dream I shared; “THE STOLEN CROWN OF THE KING…JOKER JOE BIDEN,…THE QUEEN OF HEARTS HARRIS…AND THE 3-LEGGED STOOL”…;  [Read full account at Ignite Ireland Ministry, 15 Jan 2021]

“As I stayed watching in the dream, finding it hard to take my eyes off of the Lion, I could see that the eyes of the Lion were fixed upon the King as he went and stood beside his Throne. 

But as the King took his place at the Throne, suddenly the crowd began to roar with laughter and I could hear the sound of children shouting, when suddenly, a Joker/ Jester came rolling and somersaulting into the Circus Arena.

As I looked at the Joker, I saw to my astonishment that it was ‘Joe Biden’ and I heard these Words, “Joker Biden.”

As I looked at him, I saw that he was fully dressed in a strange green outfit with small bells on his shoes and bells on his hat, and as I looked again at the Joker, I heard these words in the dream, ”Watch! For now the Joker’s balancing act with The Queen of Hearts and The Stolen Crown of Triumph will take place!”

Now, as those words seemed to penetrate my inner most being, I saw the Joker lift up a heavy Gold Crown into the air for the crowd to see. And as he lifted the Crown, the crowd went crazy.

I watched as the Joker began to somersault and roll around the arena with the Gold Crown in his hands and then The Joker began to run to and fro around the Circus Tent as if he was trying to find someone (the crowd was still going crazy), laughing and jeering.

Then I heard the crowd begin to shout out to the Joker, “We want The Queen of Hearts! We want The Queen of Hearts!”

Now as this is all taking place, I could still see the king standing before his Throne and the Lion was still watching the King, and walking around the borders of the arena.

But then suddenly, I see a woman run into the Circus Arena dressed like a Queen, wearing a long white dress and she was waving her hands to the crowds.

As I looked at her, I saw that it was ‘Kamala Harris’. She had two big red hearts painted upon her eyes and one red heart painted upon her mouth.

I heard these Words, “Watch, for Kamala will seek to steal the hearts of the people as she wears the Stolen Crown of the King.”

As I looked at her, she began to laugh and mock the King who was standing by his Throne, and she began to mock him saying, “Look, a King without a Crown! Look, a king without a Crown!”

As she shouted those words, the crowds would roar with laughter and the Joker would hold up the Stolen Crown in his hands. But then suddenly, I watched as the Joker and The Queen of Hearts ran towards each other and the Joker handed the Gold Crown to The Queen of Hearts and she proceeded to climb upon the Jokers shoulder.

Then I heard these words, “Watch! For now the balancing act will begin for those who seek to take the Throne.”

As I heard those Words, I watched as the Joker tried to balance The Queen of Hearts upon his shoulders and The Queen of Hearts tried to balance the heavy Gold Crown upon her head.

I saw that in the midst of all the chaos that taking place, the King remained standing before his Throne and the Lion kept walking around the borders of the Arena.

I watched as the both the Joker and the Queen tried desperately to gain and maintain their balance as they walking together around the Arena, but I watched as their movements became more and more challenging, especially for the Joker, as the long and heavy dress of the Queen kept falling down and covering the Jokers face.

The dress blinding him and hindered him from moving forward easily. I saw that the Joker’s legs were quickly beginning to get weaker under the weight of the Queen and the heavy Gold Crown and they began to stagger across the floor of the Arena.

But as I watched this strange and almost undignified balancing act take place, I saw the Joker and The Queen of Hearts begin to make their way towards the three-legged stool/ throne.

I knew by revelation that the objective/ part of their circus act for the crowds was for the Joker and The Queen of Hearts to both sit upon the three-legged stool without falling and without dropping the Stolen Crown.

And I listened, as the crowds were screaming with delight as the Joker and The Queen of Hearts began to make their way towards the three-legged stool.

Now as they got closer and closer to the stool — which was very high — the crowds kept screaming as their anticipation grew more and more desperate for the Joker and the Queen to sit upon the three-legged throne.

But in the dream as I looked at the high three-legged stool, I knew that the Joker would have to navigate very carefully on how he was going to begin to mount the stool with the Queen upon his shoulders.

If they were going to be victorious in taking their seat upon the three-legged throne, the Joker would have to be extremely careful not to drop the Queen and the Queen would have to be extremely careful not to drop the Stolen Crown!

In the dream as I remained watching, I saw The Joker and The Queen of Hearts begin to climb up the tall three-legged stool (One World Order Throne) and I noticed immediately that the stool was extremely unstable and not very strong.

The three-legged stool had no supports. There were no arms rests and no backing on the chair. This was going to make it extremely difficult for the Joker to mount the stool with the Queen and the heavy Gold Crown balancing upon his shoulders.

I could see that the weight of it all upon his shoulders was now really beginning to bear down upon him.



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