Prophetic dream of US Capitol, angels with flaming swords, the Constitution, 45 Presidents and King’s Ring, plus SCOTUS reference – Tim Dixon

Further to the 4th jigsaw piece relating to the Mt Sinai journey with the Lord, Tim Dixon brings so intriguing insights as he retells and thereby gains further insights into another dream featuring the US capitol. Scroll to 14;40 time mark to begin listening to Tim..

At 10:20 he says how the Lord’s been dealing with him very powerfully during this dream on Saturday and subsequently about the actions of the Supreme Court.

“The Lord told me to tell everyone; do not to trust in the power of the Supreme Court because that’s not how God is going to divinely move for President Trump. This is going to be a pure act of God and God can use people. I’m not saying He won’t use (them) – I do believe there’s a couple of people inside (SCOTUS), according to what God has shown me.
“God is going to touch people inside there that we felt bad about – and not here to prove what’s good and what ain’t – but God can use who He will. (As with Nebuchadnezzar)”

This makes an exciting lead-in to Tim’s account of dreaming about 45 presidents of the USA and their actions in the past and present regarding it Constitution and a holy altar on the patio of the US Capitol, and the possibility of President Donald Trump’s return, maybe by the time of the upcoming Independence Day!

This dream is highly significant in referring to Washington congratulating Trump and then (at 31:00) revealing a hidden, secret person with The King’s Ring, which he’s had since Trump left office:

“I knew that this was a hidden plan, it was hidden from the view of the people. It was hidden very, very, very well; disguised out of (to) the eye, but it was a great thing that God had given the wisdom as to how to do this…OH man, I’m excited about Jesus…”

In the next post, we’ll learn more about this ring…

3 thoughts on “Prophetic dream of US Capitol, angels with flaming swords, the Constitution, 45 Presidents and King’s Ring, plus SCOTUS reference – Tim Dixon

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I know that God is at work exposing the evil. No-one ever again could say “the Democrats wouldn’t ban fracking, wouldn’t cancel the pipe line, wouldn’t have open borders, wouldn’t desert Israel, wouldn’t promote abortion all over the world, wouldn’t allow China to dictate policy, wouldn’t allow transgenders to destroy women’s sport” etc.. It’s all there now. The republicans who support the agenda are also exposed including Nikki Haley much to my surprise. Now we’re ready for the restoration miracle. Come on God!

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