Revival or ruin; is Veronika West a true prophet? — JRB Publications

In his consideration of the nature of prophecy (as in the two previous posts) John here examines the role of a modern prophet, a number of whose visions appear on this blog and of which those on Brexit and the change of government are included in my catalogue of Fulfilled Prophecies.

So I am now onto Jeremiah in my writing up of my next chapter of my “Prophets of the Bible” book.

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18 thoughts on “Revival or ruin; is Veronika West a true prophet? — JRB Publications

  1. Not wishing to argue for or against Veronika West I would like to make a comment. We are not all called to be a Jeremiah . Intercessors do perceive all the darkness and muck on earth but Veronika seems to inhabit the Heavenly realm, if I may put it like that. She also prophesies the near future whereas the e.g. end time prophets warn of what is to come. God appears to speak through her, words of great encouragement. Many of us can see what good God has brought out of this evil virus; people who have had a much needed rest, time of reflection etc and many seeking God and many young people too joining online services, and I could go on. That is the area from which, I suggest, Veronika and others like her operate?

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  2. I keep an open mind and do read what Veronika says since there are prophecies that have come to past. That being said I’ve also seen items she has said (recently coming to my mind is the covid 19 cure in April was it, and prophecised each month for this year), that hasn’t seemed to come to pass at all. I know she has said a lot about Trump and it will be interesting to see what happens in November since at present, in the natural, it seems he will get slaughtered.

    The other person who causes me slight concern is Emma Stark. Few things I’ve heard from her and I question whether they have come to pass.


  3. Thanks for sharing the above, which I read with interest. Given the unlikely link I made between Jeremiah the prophet and Veronica West, I felt I should explain …

    I wrote my blog in response to a share by a respected friend on Veronica’s prophecies re. Trump which needed to go in my test and weigh pile. At the time I was much into Jeremiah mode (this is what I eventually ended with … As for Jeremiah it had reached the point of no return – exile although there would be a return and the eventual setting up of the yet to be fulfilled messianic kingdom. One of the groups to oppose Jeremiah were false prophets in the “peace, peace when there is no peace” category.

    Let it be clear that Veronica, like Mark Taylor and the deceased Kim Clement are all predicting a positive future for America (actually very positive) and this involved Donald Trump (interestingly I got beaten up on Facebook yesterday when I commented on Elaine Storkey’s Facebook page after I disagreed with an “evangelical” hit piece criticizing evangelical Christians who support Trump). I put none of these “prophets” in the false category but they do challenge my Jeremiah mindset, which to cut a long story short is the soon opening of the first seal in Revelation 6, the ushering of the NWO and the rule of the AntiChrist (if Covid-19 lockdown has shown anything it is how feasible all this is).

    But will Trump save the day because like Cyrus he is the Lord’s anointed? Will the deep corruption and alleged conspiracy theories be revealed to us big time (aka Q-Anon)? What if Veronica’s exhortation for the saints (us) to lift up the Trump in prayer etc. is a word from the Lord? Should I be deciding now whether it is doom and gloom or the last chance saloon to reach the world for Christ and re-establish righteous precepts before the lid comes down and Christ returns in Revelation 19?

    I feel a bit like Daniel – seal up the words until it will all become clear in His time. Meanwhile, it is back to trust and obey and for me – to complete that book and serve where He says!

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  4. Melanie Philips provided some interesting thoughts on Donald Trump in the last week and how God can unexpectedly use a person like Donald Trump. To my mind this aligns into Veronika’s prophetic narrative.

    “Right from the start of Trump’s presidency I have expressed concerns about aspects of his character: his narcissism and thin skin, his volatility, his short attention span, his transactionalism, his occasional lapses into believing in fantasies, his Twitterhoea. And his leadership during the coronavirus crisis – or rather, the lack of it – has been lamentable.

    Yet despite all that, I still believe as I did in November 2016 that if he were to lose the presidential election to the Democratic party, America and the west would be lost. The slim chance of their surviving this great crisis for civilisation would be snuffed out altogether if the morally bankrupt and venomously west-bashing left were to come to power in America. I also thought the west was now in such disarray, and the political and cultural establishment was so uniformly bankrupt, that it was only an individual defying conventional rules of behaviour who – paradoxically – would stand any chance of restoring America’s centre of moral and political gravity. And I believe all that even more strongly now.”

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  5. Phil, while I am more warmly disposed toward Trump than you, you express the dilemma better than most and like Melanie Phillips gets what the alternatives are. I have just been taking time out commenting in a well knowns Christian’s anti Trump Facebook thread whose friends completely doesn’t get why I support his presidency given his “lies” etc., and still remain a Bible believing Christian – at least compared with the alternatives of recent years and on offer in November. I think what you have written would have been a perfect reply. O well – back to my writing and leave any convincing with the Lord 🙂

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