“Let Light…Let Love…” virtual choir

Nina and I were privileged to be involved with this beautiful song which premiered at 5 pm today (Friday 5th June). :

‘Let light, Let love’ was written by Encore Choirs’ leader Josh Robinson during the coronavirus global pandemic. The song was a chance to use the power of music to bring people together in an unprecedented time. The song gives a message of hope and light. The project was in aid of Age UK, for those who are more vulnerable and less likely to get the communication during this time. We want to ensure everyone is connected, and by using the power of music we can lift peoples’ spirits.

Click for Encore Choirs’ Home and Online Choir pages and Facebook. (PS. This song has since been played on local radio stations and featured in three local newspapers.)

A set of this video’s cleverly crafted images immediately brought to my mind what Jean Darnall heard in 1967:

“DURING those weeks a vision came to me. It appeared three different times, during prayer, and it was the same vision each time. Now most of my revelation from the Lord is what I just ‘know’: He makes me know something, and I speak it forth. But now and then I have a vision, and when I do I have a pretty good one!….And what I saw was the British Isles, as in a bird’s-eye view. A kind of haze was over the whole, like a green fog. And then little pinpricks of light began to appear from the top of Scotland to Land’s End. Then the Lord seemed to draw me closer to these lights, and I saw that they were fires that were burning!! They were multiplying from the top of Scotland to Land’s End. Then I saw…”  (to read full prophecy click here).

2 thoughts on ““Let Light…Let Love…” virtual choir

  1. Dear Richard

    Thank you for this one. Not only is it well sung and filmed but the addition of the other graphics takes the coming together into a new gear of acceleration. Well done to all involved.

    A friend of mine – due to conduct 3 choirs from 3 different countries put together the song they did during the pandemic. Its link follows below – hope you like this one too, all part of the new sound the Lord is releasing

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFQ968Kilc4&feature=youtu.be [https://i.ytimg.com/vi/MFQ968Kilc4/maxresdefault.jpg] Like a Rainbow Shining. Will Todd. Choirs combine from Spain, UK, Portugal – YouTube Choirs from the UK, Spain and Portugal combine in a virtual production of Will Todd’s lockdown anthem ‘Like a rainbow shining’ http://www.youtube.com Shalom, love & prayer Elaine

    Shalom, love & prayer Elaine


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