Word of Discernment: Prophecy is manifold – Abel Praise

On Monday, mulling over a critical article about ‘The UK Blessing’ video and its popularity, I mentioned it in passing to Abel Praise as I believe he sensed something going on.  After considering it he replied about prophecy being manifold, and which makes an excellent follow-up to Rosemary P’s following comment to Our Father’s Joy in Facing the Evil One (brought by Wanda Alger):

“YES and yes! We are in an intensifying battle, and this is why both those calling for repentance and those who see the awakening coming are, in a sense, both right. Yes, we need to repent, and yes, we need to also fix our eyes on what the Lord is doing around the world.” 

After kindly permitting my publishing this excellent insight, Abel explains:

“Prophecy is Manifold will help to give a broader perspective; and the battlegrounds. Truly; there are many in The Body who need to gain the right perspective on all that’s taking place because of the many questions arising in their hearts.”


Even Prophecies of Justice are manifold, The Prophet Jeremiah also spoke about the promised redemption of Israel; because The LORD attempts to capture both the actions that brought about the consequences of judgment; and also the redemptive pathway to restoration.

Also, in a time like this; the pandemic; the closure of Churches; and all that’s going on; the operations of prophecy and the unfolding season is manifold. For instance; it is true that the pandemic and the complexities it brought can be traced deep down to some significant spiritual gates that were compromised that watchmen lost sight of; and it gave birth to all the actions in the natural that is playing out. Yet in the outbreak of the disease; being the consequence of that loss, the Principles of Faith, Love and Hope play out and in the midst of the consequences The LORD uses it to hold HIS Body together to cushion the effects so the enemy doesn’t overplay his hands;

* Faith: There are those who through their walk with The LORD have grown up in a measure of faith that cannot be affected by this disease. They will have a responsibility to minister to those who have not grown in that measure of faith. This is where The Blessing Video plays a part.

* Hope: Even while in Egypt; and when Israel was in Babylon; The LORD would always send Prophets of Hope; to minister to HIS people that salvation would come though it may tarry because the judgments have a set time; but even in judgments; The LORD guards jealousy The Faith of HIS own and doesn’t want to loose them completely. The Blessing song also plays a part here in ministering hope.

* Love: This is where in the midst of being punished The LORD also wants HIS people to have love shared in their hearts; so that they can be in the state of being healed unto repentance; and also experience repentance unto healing; cos it can happen in several folds.

* The Judgments: Most of what we call judgments are consequences of actions or inactions and immediate reactions or responses by the principles of The Kingdom. If a watchman sleeps at his duty post, the thief would come in and plot destruction in the household; in many cases; people experience the consequences even when there is yet a sentence in Heaven’s Court that proclaims judgment. During the time when consequences are in play; that’s when The LORD sounds the alarm for repentance.

* Maturing in prophetic ministry brings the perspective of the manifold streams that a prophetic word, experience, season reveals. Even when The LORD wields the rod of correction; we cannot say we have seen it all; if we have not heard the perspective of HIS Heart from which that action is taken.

* So are we seeing some form of consequences or high places activities that has created the pandemic scenario; obviously. Are we seeing the negligence of The Church; absolutely; However; there is Faith, Hope and Love at work; and all of these play their part to bring The Church into correction and growth. For what it seems; The Blessing video may be doing a job of bring the nation through the pathway of healing unto repentance; because there are those who at this point have realized through the coming together it has created that they have been negligent for so long in many areas.


2 thoughts on “Word of Discernment: Prophecy is manifold – Abel Praise

  1. (Email received soon after publication of this post and, being most apposite, copied below)

    Dear Richard, I cannot comment on your blog because it means logging into something which I do not use. So here is a comment on your post about the blessing video and about an article pouring cold water on it.

    I have been thinking about this too. It occurs to me that you cannot have revival without repentance but also that you cannot have repentance without revival. In other words, repentance is something that God initiates through awareness of sin.

    If you or I were to go through the streets of London shouting Jonah’s message without the command and anointing of God to do so, it would be ineffective (though we might get arrested under hate speech laws). Nineveh repented because of the conviction of God.

    Yes the church does need to repent, but it will not do so without the conviction of God to do so.

    Meanwhile the blessing video is to the nation. There is prophecy after prophecy saying that God wants to bless this nation. This blessing can’t come without repentance. But maybe conviction for repentance will be the start of the blessing.

    But there is a difference between the nation and individual lives. The Blessing video will have blessed people. It may well have had the effect of getting people starting to turn towards God. That is likely to lead to repentance. This is pretty much what you are saying.

    So I suppose it is like two sides of the same coin, but we can only see one side at a time.


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    • Thank you so much for your valued thoughts Elizabeth, with a very good simile in your concluding line.

      In my humble opinion the HUGE problem is the fact that nowadays most of society is extremely ignorant about, or else extremely rebellious and antagonistic towards, Jesus Christ, his life and teachings, and thus oblivious to salvation. So why and what’s to repent of?

      Hence the need for Holy Spirit’s action to convict through the awesome reverential fear of God by direct revelation (per John 16:8-11), as it did for me upon my near death at the jaws of hell during a visitation from the Lord (https://richards-watch.org/2017/04/07/on-a-trapdoor-into-hell-jesus-swoops-to-the-rescue/ refers)

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