Our Father’s Joy in facing the Evil One — Wanda Alger

This profound word on how Abba laughs at the Adversary, as shared with Wanda, goes hand-in-hand with the previous post on Steve Hepden’s insight about Jesus’ trial and the counterfeit ‘son‘…

We are in a protracted battle that is not ending any time soon. We are facing things many of us never thought possible. Not only is our nation in massive turmoil and chaos, spiritual forces are pressing upon believers and we need to gird ourselves for the days ahead. 727 more words

Continue treading at THE FATHER’S JOY IN FACING EVIL — wandaalger.me

2 thoughts on “Our Father’s Joy in facing the Evil One — Wanda Alger

  1. YES and yes! We are in an intensifying battle, and this is why both those calling for repentance and those who see the awakening coming are, in a sense, both right. Yes, we need to repent, and yes, we need to also fix our eyes on what the Lord is doing around the world. Rosemary

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