Word of Discernment: The battleground has shifted – Abel Praise

After having posted the transcript on Monday of Veronika West’s hearing from the Lord, “Get ready, get ready! For the stage is set, for a Spiritual Showdown is about to take place in this land!”, it is significant that the following two-part Facebook posting was published the next day by a Nigerian brother:



The Enemy Thinks He Is Attacking The Church By Lengthening The Time To Halt Gatherings; The Church Thinks The Enemy Is Attacking Her By Trying To Stop Her From Gathering. The Kingdom Sees It’s At The Threshold Of A New Era; And Needs To Accomplish The Overhauling Of The Living Systems That Has Entrenched Perversion; And Will Accomplish This Through The Ignorance Of Religion and Perceived Wickedness of The Enemy. At The End Of All These, Those Who Hear The Voice, The Shepherd’s Voice, Would Have Hoisted The Flag Of The Kingdom For They Know That The Battle-Ground Has Shifted; And New Territories Are Being Contested In This Hour For The Next Phase of Kingdom Advance.


The battleground has shifted; while in Egypt; they didn’t need boots, spears or weapons of war; they had amongst them ministers that spoke, taught, encouraged them in their assemblies to believe and have faith that the promises of their deliverance and a deliverer would come through; but when the battleground shifted; their ministers/ ministry shifted; they now needed to be kitted up for war; they had to; and had transitioned into The Battleground of The Armies. Armies are those equipped with the authority to pull down and rebuild territories. The Battleground of The Armies would equip them and get them to recover the authority, heritages and weapons of war because they were coming into a new phase; the tearing down of territories and their rebuilding of territories according to heavenly blueprints.

Those who didn’t understand that the battleground has shifted cried to return to the old normal; those who discerned the shift and walked forward into their new battleground like Joshua and Caleb believed for conquest.

We have been fed hope in the days of hope; but we must discern that the battleground has shifted; and are now in the battleground of The Armies – this we already see in the enemy attempting to wield authority to tear down state-structures and rebuild them into his way – but those who walk through this; discerning the shift and peeping into the wisdom of The LORD will be equipped in this critical hour for the tearing down of strongholds and rebuilding the cities of their inheritances measured out to them.

The Battleground has shifted – Out of The Battleground of The Armies; the authority to tear down and rebuild cities will be gained. Who will wield this authority in your city – The Righteous or The Perverse?


Abel Praise writes at The War-Room Ministries: Kingdom Military Missions and I’m aware that Veronika values his insights and Biblical interpretations of prophecy. He provides the following details about this word on the battleground:

“The Origin Of The WORD:
It’s The WORD The LORD shared with me in time of fellowship; more so, it has been built up through series of things The LORD had shared with me over recent months to build a new understanding within. I usually see them as my teaching moments with The LORD; because it’s taken a number of dreams, visions, insights in time of fellowship; so I put out a great deal of understanding that several experiences had brought to create a perspective of the what’s ahead.

Veronika West’s post was a big boost and gave that A-HA moment; so it’s worth making reference to. I do not yet know if I will be allowed to put out all of the dreams, visions and all; but one critical experience I had in the midst of this season; and in all The LORD had shown concerning Covid19 moment; was an instruction in one of the dreams where The LORD said to me; “I had been given responsibility to prepare people concerning The Covid19 season the nations would walk through”; and that is the point from where The Posts concerning The Battleground shifting began to be released yesterday (Tues). I trust that with this; the perspective will be clear in your heart and the divine flow will be seen. Once again; I am humbled by the commitment to the work entrusted to you; and your reaching out to me.”

8 thoughts on “Word of Discernment: The battleground has shifted – Abel Praise

  1. May God lead us out of this global COVID19 PANDEMIC. The battle have shifted due to COVID19. The weapons and arms to be drawn are not physical weapons rather they are spiritual weapons combined with scientific knowledge and research.
    Safety is top most solution about Church services and gatherings. Congregation trust their church leaders to do the right thing.There are so many ways of having Sunday services.How do you plan to protect your congregation?.Things have fallen apart and man shall no longer be at ease.
    Do you plan to practice social distancing 6ft apart?. Wash your hands with soap and water frequently for 30seconds,use hand sanitizer. Will you provide hand sanitizer for members?.You have come to a cross road.What are your concrete plans?.Yes the battle have shifted. So?.


  2. Greetings Edochie99,
    Truly, the battleground has shifted from our “bases of assembly”; to “hotspots that govern culture”. Understanding this would help to engage the Truth Of GOD’S will and align. Concerning Church gatherings; the point is; our warfare isn’t about whether we gather or not; the battle is neither for our gathering or against our gathering; such that in gathering; the social distancing rules in their application and perceived provision of safety is not the result that is to be gained. If however, The Church gathers and even practices social distancing rules, the victory to be gained is in the new battleground – winning the hotspots of culture. So whether we gather or not, in application of social distancing rules or not, the battleground has shifted and what will be counted unto us as victories is that we labor to regain hotspots of culture – the citygates, the altars, the halls of commerce and Reestablish the righteous covenant of The LORDSHIP OF JESUS CHRIST in all these.

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    • I salute and support your plans.
      As a healthcare worker that has fallen sicked and recovered .And I have so many nurses that changed their addresses to heaven.Safety is my concern. “And of everything of all flesh, two of every sort shall thou bring into the ark,to keep them alive”.Safety and alive have become the new normal for 2020.Please forgive me if I misunderstand you.
      Wishing you the best in all your endeavor.

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  3. Hi. I was pleased to hear from you. Glad you are still alive. Thanks for the photos. How we have changed. Can you remember at whose wedding we were. I can’t recognise the the location. The Comet van is in the way. Those were the days – when we were healthy. Stay safe. Pray for this pandemic to cease soon. I don’t know if you have heard but the Chinese Ambassador in Tel Aviv has been found dead. Probably murdered for revenge of the virus. I expect you will be glad when Tabs starts up again. Remember me to Peter and Sent from my iPad



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