Tornado turns churches upside-down: Whirlwind dream — My Dreams and Visions (GPS #47.1)

Here’s the latest dream about churches, which Tony Puccio in Tucson, Arizona, has had over many years. Published Wednesday it is ‘God-incidental’ in timing as it relates not only to what I’m preparing of a word given in England last November, but also to what came from a Canadian subscriber on Thursday – hence another ‘Global Prophecy Signal’:

‘Prophecy from Geraldine Fisher on August 28, 2019:  “The Lord has spoken to me and He is going to allow those playing Church to be taken away with the unrighteous!
“Famine, pestilence and disease are coming and we are going to need Jesus, folks!” (Thank you JAC Laferriere)

Tony blogs,

“A few nights ago I had a dream where I saw what looked like a massive tornado. Normally when one sees videos of tornadoes and the subsequent aftermath they leave usually nothing escapes its fury. However, this was not the case in this present dream. In this dream I saw inside the tornado’s vortex and […]

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4 thoughts on “Tornado turns churches upside-down: Whirlwind dream — My Dreams and Visions (GPS #47.1)

  1. Kia Ora Richard,
    I realize it is a holiday over there in old blighty but I will press on.
    I feel I have just been admonished about a word I received and I should not pick and choose.
    It is up to the Lord what he gives.
    I believe the leader of North Korea is dead.
    I received this a couple of weeks ago.
    Praise the I AM.


  2. Kia Ora Richard,
    Since posting the word about the North Korean leader there have been reports that he is alive and well.
    God did say to use wisdom.
    Praise the I AM.


  3. A similar dream from 2013

    I had a dream 02/07/2013 where I saw what looked like a tornado except it didn’t come down from the sky. It didn’t move haphazardly but had purpose and direction. I called it a tornado as I mentioned above, however, in the dream I heard it get called a cleansing wind. I saw the cleansing wind enter a building called  church and I saw books and other things being blown out the window of the church . I believe the books to be man-made doctrines. The wind did not miss anything inside of the church. It was truly cleansing the church of things that didn’t belong in the church. As for the papers in my dream, they could be indicative of such things as church bylaws which make the church an organization and not a body which is a living organism.

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