American reader connects pandemic snake dream with similar of 7 years-old boy AND promise for breakthrough today (GPS #46.2)

Your attention is drawn to comments of an American blogger at New Heaven on Earth on the previous post, and which confirm Lisa Tierney’s dream in December of a tropical snake signifying a demonic ‘principality of sicknesses and infirmities’ coming to Britain.

My long-time reader quotes from Johnny Enlow’s The Benjamins – Israel Turns 72 and the Crown Virus is Shattered in which he refers to the scriptural significance of the state of Israel’s 72nd birthday on 28-29 April, and says there’s great significance TODAY, 30th April, for the demise of the current global pandemic.

Johnny writes:

‘We are in a time where God is exerting His “right hand” of deliverance upon the face of the earth, and even His covenant nation, Israel, is reflecting that reality at this time in who rules.

Benjamin’s Dream

Credit Will Ford

‘Many of you have heard of the 7-year-old named “Benjamin” who, for 7 consecutive nights, had a most relevant prophetic dream for us today (Will and Dehavilland Ford’s son). In the dream, he saw “a tall, green plant with a crown” squeezing the life out of the world and getting new tentacles and strength as he did. Then the Lord appeared as a Lamb’s body with a Lion’s Face and shredded the crowned plant. Benjamin then saw on a screen, “This ends April 30.” The last 3 or 4 nights of the dream, the “crowned plant” was progressively smaller and weaker. Every dream ended with the words “This ends April 30.” The Passover Lamb is also the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and this is the “face” He is now revealing to us and to society.

Shattering the Crowned Virus

‘Benjamin’s dream is such significant revelation that it can’t be ignored or thought of passively. It is very intentional that God gave this dream to a boy named Benjamin. It is a dream of God’s “right hand” of power coming to shatter the enemy. It is significant that he is 7 years old and that he had the dream 7 times. 7 is the number of fulfillment and completion. 7 times around the walls of Jericho and the walls came tumbling down. Benjamin didn’t know that the word “corona” in coronavirus means “crown,” though he knew that is what it represented. He has been praying daily against it as his spirit knows his generation was not destined to be a depression generation. His father (Will Ford) revealed to him that the crowned virus of fear and death is being shatter’

It is better to read Johnny’s article in full and today’s update on more dreams from the boy’s father, so these will appear as the next posts (click to continue reading >>>).

AND remember the remarkable coincidence on Israel’s 70th Independence Day of a 5.5 magnitude earthquake striking near Iran’s nuclear reactor! [Earthquake on Israel’s 70th, Jeremiah and Daniel’s ’70’ – ‘Signs’ from God? and Fulfilled Prophecy #28 refer.]

PS. Here’s Lisa Tierney’s reaction: “Only yesterday The Lord had me look at the Name BENJAMIN…I was drawn to that Name…”. Thus, YET ANOTHER example of God’s own GPS (Global Prophecy Signalling) system.

Digital Globe by Cooldesign, courtesy

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