13 Dec 2019 dream of foreign ‘spirit of sicknesses & infirmities’ – Lisa Tierney (F/P #162.8)

Last April (2019), Lisa Tierney delivered a prophecy in which Geoffrey Pick, founder of Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival, subsequently drew parallels with the pandemic and which were posted on this blog at Another Prophecy of 2019 Revisited re Coronavirus – the Lord Reveals Its Origin (F/P #162.1). (It includes a footnote of what I believe is the Lord’s answer to my question as to His involvement.)

Today, Lisa posted the following on her Fb:

I asked her for details of the warning at the close of her comments shown above. Lisa kindly provided a link to her Facebook entry of 13th December 2019, which I’d not seen in view of its coinciding with the General Election. It’s therefore noteworthy that today’s posting refers to the Prime Minister!

Here’s the essential introduction to Lisa’s entry of that date (click title to read in full):


‘After a dream I had last night and speaking with others it was thought be good to do some decrees…

‘The Lord shared briefly a spirit that is attempting to lunge forward at this time.

‘The last time I saw this SNAKE with these particular colours it represented FAMINE.
Except this time I saw this snake and it was black with Bright green stripe. It lunged forward, as if it was thrown forward and came from the TROPICS or jungle-type area.

‘When the Father showed me this. He quickened in the dream that this principality is SICKNESSES and infirmities.

‘Having spoken to others they confirm The Spirit of Death.

‘I heard the scripture “We trample upon snakes and upon scorpions and upon all the power of the enemy and it shall be in no means harm us” as this snake was shown.

‘With that I see the Lord is sharing what is attempting to assault the land and its people at this time, and He shared the area in which it is coming from. I also see that we are his gatekeepers and that BY HIS WORD we shut the gates to this SPIRIT and not allow it entry. Like I shared it came from the jungle-area, tropics. It’s NOT from our SHORES!

‘Let us DECREE…(etc, etc, etc)’

3 thoughts on “13 Dec 2019 dream of foreign ‘spirit of sicknesses & infirmities’ – Lisa Tierney (F/P #162.8)

  1. Kia Ora Richard,
    Our warnings on the virus were hiding in plain sight thanks to Lisa and Veronica.
    But who would have thought it possible, a worldwide pandemic in this day and age.
    No wonder it was put on the back burner.
    Like Lisa said we are in MOED the appointed time. A worldwide lockdown.
    Haven’t had to stay in our homes since Egyptian plagues.LOL.
    Praise the I AM.

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  2. About a week ago, just as I was falling asleep I was praying and saw a very vivid picture. It seems relevant to this word.

    I saw a pure black beetle, oval shaped, with a smooth head and ridged body. I knew somehow it was the coronovirus as it ploughed it’s way through the foliage. Suddenly this previously untouchable beetle which had mandible jaws, was attacked and caught by a large, skeletal type of locust. As the beetle lay on it’s back the locust bit its abdomen. As it proceeded to eat the beetle lots of small beetles emerged from its abdomen, fleeing in all directions.

    I asked, Lord, what is this? And he told me. This is not over. A season of change is ahead, but not by this but by others. Subtle. Subterfuge. A remnant of this scattered by the force of itself. I believe it showed further manifestations of covid 19, spread by the very force that delivered us from it. Easy to catch but hard to stop. I give this with awe as i am aware there are sides to this too deep to speak.

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  3. Hi Sloane Square Nannies,
    Re your dream, a few weeks ago I felt the Lord say the word GERM.
    We were already dealing with Covid 19, so I felt it was not that one.
    Your locust attacks the beetle, then the beetle seem to have off-spring.
    I feel you have confirmed my word.
    Praise the I AM.

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