Reminder: England’s patron saint slays the dragon!

Thank you Elaine for commenting as follows upon the Visions of 7-headed serpent posting on my Facebook.:

‘Richard did encourage me to share something of this after the post of Toni Arayomi (“This is not the end of the world; this is the distraction”) back around March 19th urging a renewed prayer push for this time – and there were 7 emerging points so now is probably the time to share this – given the reference to the dragon attacking and 7 heads.

‘The London Mint Office this year are promoting a new collector’s gold coin. I received their posting on 19th March, two days after the feast of St Patrick, another of the patron saints of the British Isles and can it be a coincidence that Veronika is from Northern Ireland ?

‘The coin is a gold quarter sovereign and it shows the battle of St George – patron saint of England – going against the fire of the dragon. The coin is called the dragon attacks. It was designed by the descendant of the artist who originally designed the sovereign coins for George III so there is a passing on and honouring of legacy here…and the coin has the year 2020 on it, all significant in itself as we fight for our Christian heritage with a 20-20 vision. [RB posted at 20:20 hours]

‘First, it’s a good graphic of the battle currently raging and of England’s fight-back by the crusading Knight St George…

‘Then the rich Christian symbolism and insights that tumble out of it. Here’s a start as you may see more:-

1. Place of issue = Gibraltar with its famous Rock and our Rock of Christ nb Matthew 16 v 16 – 20 with the Lord’s promise that the gates of Hell cannot prevail against it ( gates are to keep people in or out…) What a spur to press forward!

2. Coin is gold = our faith like gold is tested and refined 1 Peter 1 v 7 Gold always indicates the highest standard in any contest

3. The raising of the shield of faith = the defensive armour of Ephesians 6 especially in protecting against the fiery darts of the enemy (fear of infection & fear of lack) – isn’t this the warfare we’re now called to engage in?

4. The cross etched onto the shield = the prevailing blood of Jesus.
Lift high the Cross – the hymn proclaims – till all the world adore His sacred Name…..

5. Not a trace of defeat or concern in the resolution shown by St George. He’s still thrusting forward and so must we. He’s sure of victory. May we be reassured that in Christ victory is ours.

6. Dei – Gra is short for the Latin ‘Dei Gratia’ meaning’ By the Grace of God’ – our covering! – And also the prize for the nation.

7. Both the Kings responsible, – Henry III appointed George our patron saint and George III commissioned the original depiction of St George on the gold sovereigns – are the third of their name in kingly succession. Such threes point to the Father, Son & Spirit coming together….

‘Lastly St George’s Feast Day falls on 23rd April…..shared with both Shakespeare and
Prince Louis for their birthdays…would I be pushing it to expect victory by/on Saint George’s Day this year??

‘I’m now very excited that we have an invitation to press on in to Victory in readiness for the coming harvest of souls…..this battle will be won through prayer, praise and proclamation of who God is, what He has done and the life He brings. Hallelujah. Amen

In that spirit of prevailing, travailing prayer let us continue in whole-hearted prayer especially in this month of April.’

Elaine Venning

4 thoughts on “Reminder: England’s patron saint slays the dragon!

  1. Thank you for this very interesting and truly encouraging/inspiring e-article.

    I look forward eagerly to proclaiming VICTORY for the Lamb of God in England and right across the British Isles tomorrow, once the “old dragon, that ancient serpent of old” is “slain” for good (IF indeed he even bothers to show up for the battle, which is rare these days.)

    I’m reminded that “The Battle Belongs to the Lord” of course and also that we BEGIN our spiritual warfare from the Ultimate Place of Victory, which is Calvary on Golgotha, where Christ not only made a “Spectacle of the principalities and powers of darkness,” but also won the Victory on our behalf, for all Time and Eternity. We only need to ENFORCE what He has already done. In His Holiest Name. Amen.

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