Sanctuary (Britain’s role) – Neil Mackereth

On reading Yinka’s prayer and hearing about unbalanced scales and seeing “an amazing grand cathedral”, I was reminded of Neil Mackereth also having seen one a few months ago. He emailed on 7th January about what had happened whilst writing an article (emphases mine, other than for sub-heading): 

Dear Richard,

This morning, whilst working on a paper about the history of Replacement Theology, I had a word from the Lord. I had returned to the start to add: ‘A lie that is wrapped in many layers of brilliant, scholarly, eloquent, heart-warming, loving, compassionate and seemingly reasonable exegeses, is still a lie,’ when the Lord broke in and said,


Time to Address the Scourge of Replacement Theology

The Lord made it clear to me this morning that there is an urgent need to address the very dangerous and deceptive nature of Super-sessionism (Replacement Theology).

I asked: “Why now Lord?”

The Lord showed me a picture of a very large cathedral dominating, as it were, the island of Great Britain. The doors were wide open and people were pouring in, while others were outside showing no interest. I was taken inside and many clergy were there standing in dazzling robes in shafts of light with arms outstretched, ministering to the visitors. In the shadows there were other clergy dressed in black.

“What does this mean, Lord?”

“I am making Great Britain a refuge (a sanctuary for the time of “Jacob’s Trouble”). Do not be judgmental, I am asking the praying remnant of Bible-believing Christians to intercede for those clergy in the shadows, that they will move into the light. The multitude of would-be believers are not to be led astray by clergy whose views of Biblical truth and Kingdom values, particularly in regard of the significance of Israel, are unsafe and unsound. The Holy Spirit will empower you for this task.”

“Why is it so important?”

“Soon the enemies surrounding Israel will intensify their screaming for Israel to be crucified and it BREAKS MY HEART.”

That was it – I am often tempted to add things, but not to this!

Blessings, Neil

2 thoughts on “Sanctuary (Britain’s role) – Neil Mackereth

  1. Hi Richard, not really a “comment” but timing is interesting – today is my 76th birthday, i.e. I am entering my 77th year! I have been pondering on the thought: if only the Gospel would/could be spread in the same way and as effectively as Covid-19. This is not the time for Christian groups (congregations, churches, whatever) to group self-isolate, but rather to adopt the Wuhan Christian’s example of taking the Gospel to a worried world (and watch it multiply through our obedience to the great commission). Blessings, Neil. P.S. I’m not implying that anyone with coronavirus symptoms should not self-isolate. We should all do our utmost to comply with medical advice.

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