Twenty Twenty – on this New Year and New Decade

David Chapman, author of several postings and papers on this blog kindly offers his following reflections and insights, or spiritual ‘sightings’ – can’t resist play on words to do with light and seeing. Dave notes, “Some obvious things in this one, but hopefully some confirmatory and useful things too”.:


by Dave Chapman

There are some things I believe we may look to see coming into focus in this Year of 2020, and indeed this 20’s decade.

First, a ‘Look’ at 20/20 Vision

This phrase is one we connect with ‘having good eyesight’. We can see at a certain distance (20 feet) what is expected of us – normal eyesight. It provides a necessary sharpness of vision.

There is a clarity to the object/person, away from us. We can see clearly now. People who have cataracts look through a mist. But when the cataracts are removed there is a restoration of sight, sharpness, and clarity.

This is one thing God will be doing for His people this year. He will be giving the clarity of seeing things as they really are. Removing the veil from before our eyes. The ability to see and to discern in the spiritual realm, between good and evil (Hebrews 5 v 14). To see what kind of ‘spirit’ is at work.

One of the great lacks in the Body of Christ has been the ‘gift of Discernment of spirits’ (1 Corinthians 12 v 10). I believe the operation of this will be greatly sharpened this year. To discern/see what the enemy is doing among God’s people will be identified and rooted out. Conversely, what God is doing will be recognised, hosted, or encouraged.
It is important not to judge by the outward, but to see what is behind things. “The Lord looks on the heart”, as He said to Samuel about who was to be anointed King, (1 Sam 16 v 7), and Jesus said to the Jews around Him, “judge not according to the appearance but judge righteous judgement” (John 7 v 24). We have to see with different eyes to those of the flesh, we need to see with our spiritual eyes, and this is a year for that to take place. We need to see behind the curtain of the flesh.


Then again the 20/20’s speak of ‘In-sight’. It looks like this will continue through the decade too! I’ll apply this to what, and how, we need to walk with God. With insight as to who He really is, His greatness, His mercy; the abundance of His love toward us; the workings of His grace within us, both for us and through us. For insight as to the ways of God, and of man.

Having insight as to who we are in Him. Revelation of our Sonship; our Royal Priesthood, and what that means in practice; of what He has placed by His Spirit inside each of us for His individual callings on our lives; discovering what we each are individually to give ourselves to as a result; of where our energies need to be applied. Of greater appreciation of His righteousness in us, and of His righteous clothing upon us, and of the glorious call to Holiness in our walk with Him.


This is to do with being able to see ahead, by revelation; a sense in our spirit, an inner ‘knowing’ of what is ahead, so that we can make the appropriate plans, adjust our schedules and make the necessary practical alterations and adjustments that mean we are ready for when what we are preparing for arrives upon us! For fresh oil in, and with, our Lamps too, as a Bride being prepared for Him.

It is good being able to see ahead, but application is needed for it to be of any use!
It means an even greater reliance on the prophetic than we may already have. The early church had this in abundance. Foresight of the coming famine in the world (Acts 11 v 28); the church was led through prophetic revelation, advanced greatly even – as with Paul and Barnabas being set apart for their callings, as in Antioch ( Acts 13 v 1).
There will be greater revelation concerning the days we are living in too; of how to live in this present world; and of how to apply ourselves to walking worthily of His calling; to be the lights God has called us to be.

A Year – even Decade – of Openings

Being able to see the openings He places before us. Like Jacob who was made Ready after 20 years, to Return to the Land. We shall be seeing this at this time, as we as a Nation ‘return to the land of our fathers’, just as Jacob was told by the Lord “Return to the Land of your fathers….” (Gen 31 v 3). We, as a Nation, are on the way to return to that which the Fathers of our Nation founded here. We have served too long as if in and from a foreign land, and we will Reclaim our heritage – that which the Lord laid out for us – and established in the Land millenia ago.

On parting company with his uncle he said “This 20 years I have been with you….” (Gen 31 v 38), and, “I served you 14 years for your two daughters and 6 years for your cattle” (v 41). And…he did not leave empty handed, but rather well provided for!

Solomon was 20 years building his house and the Temple (1 Kings 9 v 10), and at the end of these 20 years there was a Readiness for a new era of blessing; for prosperity like never before; expansion; for progress and protection. He of course wrote the Book of Proverbs – the 20th Book in our Bible! It’s wisdom recorded there will be vital for us this new decade, as “the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Christ” (Eph 1 v 17) is poured out upon us. Indeed this will be accompanied by “the spirit of the fear of the Lord” (Isaiah 11 v 2), which is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom (Proverbs 1 v 7, and 9 v 10).

And of Opportunities

Being 20 years old was also the age at which the young men were enlisted in Israel’s army, “all those twenty and above” (Numbers 1 v 45). They were of an age to be ready, indeed responsible, to defend their new nation, and to further its cause. Spiritual warfare will no longer be left to the older generation, but will become the responsibility of all those who are beyond the ‘student age’, spiritually speaking. Basically, if they are among those who are committed to the Lord, they will ‘get signed up’ from now on, into the soldier mentality; and becoming warriors for the Lord! Is there not a cause? Yes, yes, there certainly is!

Time to Rebuild

Ezra enlisted all those from the tribe of Levi above the age of 20 to Rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem after they had returned from captivity in Babylon ( Ezra 3 v 8). These 2020’s will be the time to rebuild our Nation. A time to restore what has been broken, naturally and spiritually. A time when the presence of the Lord can be returned to our Land in a way we have not known for decades.

These things excite me in spirit. I believe we are in for one of the best times we have ever known. Not without conflict, of course, but with readiness, and equipped to be able to triumph!

Dave Chapman, 3.1.2020

9 thoughts on “Twenty Twenty – on this New Year and New Decade

  1. Hi Richard,
    Thanks for reblogging my post. I am encouraged hearing about discernment being sharpened up this year. God knows, we need it with what we’re facing in Australia and NZ – our laws are being dismantled in favour of Agenda 2030 and we’re fighting in spiritual warfare. I am very glad of God’s protection and will be giving Him the glory when I see how He answers prayer. May we remember the promise that :
    “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14
    Happy New Year, I wish you all the best for 2020.

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