Blog’s 8th Anniversary – thank you to all my readers

I wish to “Thank YOU” personally for taking your valuable time visiting my blog, no matter whether you’re dipping in for a quick read – perhaps for the first time – or subscribe to notifications of new postings – even contributing your opinion on some of them – I greatly appreciate your involvement either via this site or via its Facebook page.

To all those who’ve been with me over the years I say “Thank you very much indeed for joining me on this journey.”

By some ‘God-incidence’ it is fitting that today I have the honour of presenting a draft briefing paper on the status of the prophetic in Britain to a team convened by President-elect of the Baptist Union, Revd Yinka Oyekan, to prepare for February’s One Voice conference in Reading, Berkshire.

In fact, it is a double-God-incidence because we’ll be meeting in the house of the home-group leader overseeing the Pangbourne group of Tilehurst Free Church (Baptist), in which I spent 12 years as a newly baptised believer before moving away when marrying my dear Nina in 2002. It was there I began to learn about and carefully move forward in the prophetic. Therefore, it is a spiritual home-coming!

This blog was launched on 21st November 2011 with a ‘Welcome’ to whomsoever was out there. It was followed by a warning on false theology followed by brief introductions to eschatology and then my personal testimony of being rescued by the Lord from the enemy’s camp. The year closed with a briefing on Biblical/historical/financial cycles in modern End-time events.

The blog’s launch came after months of being nudged to discontinue private emails and go public about the relevance of current events to End-times. Some may recall the 10th anniversary last February of my starting to write as a result of what I audibly heard from the Lord when my Bible exploded upon checking a parable, as told herein (“This is ALL about to be fulfilled!”)

A double event in early September 2011 strongly motivated my moving out of email and into a public blog. It involved a dream of the Kingdom being set up, and which featured a connected location and timing of where and when Bill Johnson was giving a prophetic word about that date becoming recognised as important in the history of the Kingdom in the UK. And so I fondly look back and forwards in proclaiming,


8 thoughts on “Blog’s 8th Anniversary – thank you to all my readers

  1. Congratulations Richard, and thank you for the many vital prophetic words you have been able to put out. Helps to keep those of us not on Facebook very much in touch with what the prophets re saying. Bless you, and thank you, Dave C.

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  2. Yes thank you so much Richard for your blog, it’s really encouraging and it’s lovely to see the church working in harmony together on your blog. I know God’s got good plans for his children and those that have been given words and callings on their lives, and have had to wait a long time to see them come to pass. You’ve been a real blessing to us all.

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  3. It was definitely a divine moment in my life when I found your blog. It has been such an encouragement to me and blessing. It stirs me up and inspires me to seize hold of all that God has for me to do In service of the body of Christ. Thank you. May God continue to use you and bless you and your family.

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  4. The main sign I am watching for is the rebuilding of the Temple. I think it unlikely that it will commence before the end of 2020, though anything is possible. If President Trump is re-elected, it might commence during his second term in office. Intuitively, though I am not dogmatic, it feels in my spirit like it will begin soon – in the next 2-3 years. Only time will tell, though; I am not a prophet.

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